Project Management Online Courses for an Engaged & Effective Team

MCI’s Project Management online courses are the ideal introduction to the core fundamentals of successful project management.

Get your team ready to lead into the future with critical project planning and delivery skills that will help project teams stay on time, keep to budget and outperform expectations.

From basic project administration to advanced skills in risk management and more, create qualified project managers that win with MCI Solutions.

Invest in project success with professional development

Your project team and its leaders are the cornerstones of successfully achieving project goals. So it’s time to invest in them. Give them the knowledge they need to define a project scope, and deliver perfectly each time. With the right training, you’ll see more profitable work and grow capabilities and business.

But project management skills aren’t a consistent standard, which makes training very hard. Often, courses touch on soft skills such as leadership and management, completely missing some of the more technical content around information technology needs, stakeholder and relationship management and more. It’s also costly to get an entire project team (or teams) trained up at scale to the same quality.

That’s where our three-part course steps in to help you fill those gaps.

A strong foundation in efficient project management practice

While most project teams excel at the day-to-day and plan out projects realistically, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture or remember to expect the unexpected, and that’s where things can start to unravel. We help project managers develop a framework to quickly analyse project scope and create a plan for success. We support that with learning to identify typical project risks presented upfront, so they can mitigate these issues further down the track. This sets up a project to be on track from the start.

Engaging, interactive delivery format

A big challenge of online learning is the one-way format it often takes, making it harder for users to relate content to their own experiences – especially when it comes to highly technical learning. Our unique live-facilitation classes mean your team still benefits from real-time interaction with our expert trainers, and can interact with peers from other industries. The short courses are also designed to keep people engaged, with highly effective 90-minute sessions to avoid learning fatigue.

Explore our Project Management Training

Why leaders choose MCI Solutions for Project Management Training

  • Real-world project management professionals facilitate every session and deliver the most relevant, tried-and-tested knowledge
  • Relevant for any project team member, to create leadership skills at all levels
  • Detailed but focused short courses help teams efficiently pick up and retain information
  • A packed schedule of classes – giving your team the flexibility to choose timeslots that work for them
  • The opportunity to collaborate with peers from other industries, learning from the experiences of diverse project management roles

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