Change Management

The challenge

The logistics division of the organisation was undergoing a substantial amount of re-structuring and the flow-on impact that this would have on the team was part of the reason for creating workshops that would raise awareness and provide insights in to the change management process.

Change management

The solution

The management team were the first participants as part of a pilot program and their feedback informed the design of further sessions. The sessions were created as a hybrid between information sharing and using the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology as the fire-starter for further conversations on a deeper level.

Some of the further challenge questions posed during the session included:

  • Build a model that reflects the messages around change that you will communicate to your team.
  • Having watched an extract from the movie about Nelson Mandela, build a model that reflects your role as a change leader.
  • Build a model that reflects your personal commitment to leading your team through the change process.

The results

The sessions became a talking point within the organisation and participants were able to explain readily to others what happened in the session. This in turn ensured that there was open conversation about the changes to lessen the fear factor around what was occurring in the organisation.

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