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CVGT is committed to delivering positive economic and social benefits to the community. While providing quality employment services is at the core of their operations, they are equally committed to supporting the towns and cities where they operate.

CVGT Employment exists to connect more people to meaningful work.

Head quartered: Victoria
Number of employees: 400+

The challenge

The company faced a challenge in finding short course training that would efficiently and effectively enhance staff skills across multiple areas.

They found it difficult to cater to the diverse skill gaps of their staff while keeping the approach consistent and sustainable. Traditional methods of sending staff to courses in the capital city or hiring trainers to come to their office were costly and unsustainable. Moreover, sourcing different providers for various training topics meant inconsistent approaches and delivery.

The solution

To overcome these challenges, the company engaged MCI to provide a large range of relevant training topics to enhance staff skills and knowledge across multiple areas, through the MCI Live Virtual Classroom Subscription.

The training sessions are conducted within the staff’s working time and are only 90 minutes long, so staff do not need to travel. The approach is consistent and sustainable, and MCI reports provide valuable insights into staff training needs and areas where further support is required.

The results

The results have been overwhelmingly positive.

The Live Virtual Classroom Subscription has covered various topics, including leadership, communication, teamwork, writing skills, Excel, and Office 365, which have helped staff build their capability.

The trainers are knowledgeable, and the sessions are well-structured and engaging. Managers are working with staff to identify sessions that will further enhance their skills, and MCI has supported the company’s goal of fostering a learning culture.

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