Excel Training Success: Tailoring Solutions for Diverse Workforces

With over 30 years of experience in the wine industry, Joval Group operates several independently run entities, including Joval Wines, Joval Family Wines, and BAM Wine Logistics.

The Group is renowned for representing and developing some of Australia’s leading wine industry brands.

Head quartered: Abbotsford, Victoria
Number of employees: 330+ across Australia and New Zealand, Asia, USA, and Europe

The challenge

Joval Group faced the challenge of managing a diverse workforce spread across three distinct entities in Australia and New Zealand.

Identifying various training needs within these entities for different roles and levels was a complex task. They needed a solution that could swiftly roll out training while catering to these diverse needs.

The solution

Joval Group partnered with MCI to develop a tailored training program that aligned with the unique needs of their workforce. To achieve this, MCI conducted an in-depth analysis of the results obtained from their training needs survey, enabling data-driven decisions.

The results

MCI successfully delivered six full-day Excel courses, covering introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels of training, benefitting nearly 90 employees.

These courses addressed topics identified by employees as immediately and substantially impacting their roles.

The outcomes

MCI proved to be responsive and collaborative partners throughout this endeavor, resulting in positive training outcomes. The training sessions designed by MCI were not only interactive and engaging but also highly applicable to real-world scenarios.

Following the training, Joval Group conducted a survey among participants, and an impressive 85% of respondents expressed their willingness to recommend the course to their colleagues.

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