Empowering Leaders: A Journey through the APM Academy Leadership Programme

APM is a global leader in health, employment, disability, and workplace services, with a reach extending to over 2.1 million individuals annually across 11 countries. Dedicated to empowering individuals to find meaningful employment, improve their health and well-being, and actively engage in their communities, APM offers a comprehensive range of services supporting those facing injury, illness, or disability, children, older adults, unemployed individuals, and those experiencing hardship.

APM’s unwavering commitment to making a positive and lasting social impact drives transformative change and fosters opportunities for growth and fulfillment in the lives of those they serve.

Head quartered: WA
Number of employees: 14,750


The APM Academy – Leadership Programme was designed with the goal of empowering strong performers to unlock their leadership potential. Tailored for emerging and supervisory leaders, the programme offers a comprehensive curriculum aimed at enhancing leadership skills and capabilities.

Programme structure

The programme consists of 11 sessions, each meticulously crafted to address key aspects of leadership development. Sessions are conducted virtually, with a mix of 60 and 90-minute durations, supplemented by immersive virtual reality simulations. The diverse range of topics covered includes:

  • Communicate and Influence
  • Build High Performing Teams
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Build Resilience to Remain Effective
  • Optimise Your Day/Improve Your Time Management
  • Give and Receive Feedback
  • Remote Leadership
  • Manage Conflict
  • Solve Problems Creatively
  • Stakeholder Management

To date, a total of 92 sessions have been delivered, showcasing the programme’s extensive reach and commitment to ongoing leadership development.

Participant demographics

The programme attracts participants from a wide geographical spread, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and the UK. Currently, there are 95 participants enrolled in the Supervisory Programme and 51 participants in the Emerging Programme.

Notably, 122 participants have successfully graduated from the programme, highlighting its efficacy in nurturing leadership talent.

Company engagement

With the involvement of 26 companies from across the APM group, the programme fosters a collaborative learning environment where participants can leverage diverse perspectives and experiences. This multi-company engagement enriches the learning journey, offering insights into varied organisational contexts and challenges.


The APM Academy – Leadership Programme stands as a testament to APM’s commitment to nurturing leadership talent. With its robust curriculum, global reach, and positive participant feedback, the programme continues to make significant strides in empowering emerging and supervisory leaders to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Future outlook

As an ongoing project initiated in February of 2023, the APM Academy – Leadership Programme is poised to evolve further, adapting to emerging leadership trends and challenges.

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