Make learning in the workplace smarter, faster and highly-engaging with Live Virtual Training.
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Make learning in the workplace smarter, faster and highly engaging with learning and development solutions by MCI Solutions. We provide training and development for your team through our learning management solutions.

See what your team is capable of – inspire corporate excellence through the power of innovative learning management solutions today.

Live Virtual Classroom Subscription

Live Virtual Classroom Subscription

Make the workplace learning experience smarter, faster and highly engaging with Live Virtual Classroom Subscription. Give your people the freedom to learn wherever they’re working from, in 90-minute bite-sized chunks that fit easily into busy schedules.

Learning Consultant and Instructional Design

Searching for the right people to support your organisation’s training? MCI Solutions’ instructional design lends you the expertise of a short-term or long-term learning expert to strengthen your team and meet your specific needs.

e-Learning Courses

A wide range of online courses designed to foster employee engagement and create effective teams with management training courses. Our e-Learning courses cover foundational skills essential for high-performing, emotionally healthy businesses.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for Team Building

Unlock your team’s creativity with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. Our LEGO workshops help your team think outside the box and engage in team-building activities.

Professional Development Courses – Live Virtual Class

Want to hand-pick courses for your team? Open Online Courses by MCI Solutions are ideal for employee engagement. We deliver an extensive range of topics to enhance corporate leadership skills, IT skills, and personal development, all in efficient 90-minute sessions.

Professional Development Courses – In Person

Prefer in-person learning? MCI Solutions offers many in-person courses for professional development and Microsoft Office 365, to help your team gain the skills required in today’s workforce.

Why Corporate Leadership Training with MCI Solutions?

Instructional Design Courses in Australia | MCI Solutions

MCI Solutions’ learning and development solutions foster future leaders and ensure team members are equipped to thrive in their roles. We have award-winning corporate training & management training courses with over 35 industry awards since 2003.

  • A range of training modes to suit your team’s unique needs
  • Training solutions can be tailored and customised to your organisation
  • Learning consultants available for specific projects or to assist in learning and development processes
  • Cutting-edge, innovative training to ensure you reach your business goals

About MCI Solutions

6 Ways to Monitor Employee Productivity | MCI Solutions Australia

Since 2003, MCI Solutions has been delivering diverse learning and training opportunities to a huge range of workplaces. We have been rated among the top learning and development solutions companies in Sydney, Australia. With years of experience in consulting, facilitation, and training, we are proud to be a learning and development solutions company that offers bespoke solutions to organisations.

Our goal is to help foster strong, high-performance teams. We know that employee training is the best way to get there, and we want to help your organisation reach its full potential.

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