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We are at the forefront of defining and using innovative and unique training methods.

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We set industry standards, others seem to agree. We've won 25 awards over the past 9 years.

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We know business and education. Count on us just like the many ASX companies who have trusted us to train their staff for over 10 years.

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Our qualifications are nationally recognised by Government and have influenced businesses nationally.

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We tailor our training to target your company's specific learning and development needs.

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“I can attest that MCI Solutions absolutely deliver on their promise of innovation. The quality of the content is excellent, the calibre of facilitators is great, and I think the participant experience really sets MCI Solutions apart.”

Katie Poray Human Resources Specialist - Woolworths Logistics
  • Google launches digital training too

    In a statement by Deloitte, 90 percent of Australian small businesses are not reaching their digital potential.

  • Three ways to get more from your L&D budget

    With online workshops and educational apps, companies can supplement employee training and conserve budget typically spent on travel, accommodation and day-long programs.

  • Who should skip the Cert IV TAE

    Leap into the Diploma

    For all the heartache, hard work, late nights and total commitment you need to put into compiling this level of evidence, you might as well step it up a notch and complete the Diploma.

  • What our APP does that your onboarding system doesn’t

    "70% of your employees' learning happens informally by practicing and facing challenges on the job. Which means your LMS needs to be much more than a glorified data dump." ACTO

  • The forgetting curve

    In 1885 Herman Ebbinghaus came up with a theory on memory retention called The Forgetting Curve. As the name indicates we do forget, in a curve, starting with 100% and ending at 20% - just a few key takeaways.

  • MCI’s 25th Award in 9 years

  • How to get your people to support you on change

    What chance do you have of creating change in when employees will fight you every step of the way?

  • From our founder | Five practical steps to creating a culture of innovation

    A culture of innovation sets an organisation apart in terms of its ability to adapt and respond to fast changes in the environment.

  • We’ve Rebranded

    Learn about our rebrand