Build healthy and equipped teams through the power of our signature corporate eLearning courses.

Want to create a positive work culture where all employees can thrive? Our signature eLearning courses cover the foundations for corporate success so you can empower your team members to refine their own skills, achieve their goals, and excel through change.

Through personal or professional challenges, your teams can be supported with three intensive eLearning courses that cover the often overlooked skills required to navigate the modern workplace. Housed on your LMS, your employees can easily access and revisit the core content any time.

Discover Our Courses

Disability Awareness

  • Serving People with Disability
  • Understanding and Respecting Disability: A User-Informed
  • Understanding Diversity: Embracing Disability
  • Disability Awareness: Introduction
  • Disability Awareness, Accessibility and Inclusion
  • Facilitating an Inclusive Environment
  • Navigating Anxiety

Challenging Conversations

  • Managing Unreasonable Behaviour and De-Escalation
  • Handling Challenging Customer Behaviours – Call Centre
  • Handling Challenging Customer Behaviours – Customer Facing

Neurodiversity Awareness

  • Understanding Neurodiversity
  • Neurodiversity within the Workplace

Explore diverse content areas covering crucial topics to guide your employees through essential learning experiences.

With over 20 eLearning courses available, delve into a wealth of knowledge tailored for their growth and development.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Living a Resilient Life
  • A Guide to Monitoring and Enhancing Mental Health
  • Use Micro-Habits to Develop MentalWellness Every Day
  • Workplace Mental Health Essentials
  • Navigating Mental Health as a Manager
  • Mastering Stress Management: Techniques for a Healthier, Happier Life
  • Burnout and How to Avoid it
  • Navigating a Major Life Event

Financial Awareness

  • Financial Literacy

Workplace Induction

  • Workplace Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination

What your employees will benefit from our eLearning courses

  • Self-paced courses that can be easily accessed by your employees when they need it on any device.
  • Content that addresses critical workplace and employee wellbeing-related challenges to help drive behavioural change.
  • Highly engaging, scenario-driven and outcomes focused learning.
  • Modules designed to develop often overlooked skills required by workers to navigate the modern workplace.

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