Build healthy and equipped teams through the power of our signature corporate eLearning courses.

Want to create a positive work culture where all employees can thrive? Our signature eLearning courses cover the foundations for corporate success so you can empower your team members to refine their own skills, achieve their goals, and excel through change.

Through personal or professional challenges, your teams can be supported with three intensive eLearning courses that cover the often overlooked skills required to navigate the modern workplace. Housed on your LMS, your employees can easily access and revisit the core content any time.

Key areas of content we’ll guide your employees through

Living a Resilient Life

Helping your employee maintain a positive work ethic amidst challenge or change is one of the best investments you can make. Resilience is a very personal concept, and one many managers struggle to approach.

Through our Living a Resilient Life content, we invite your staff to explore ways to enhance resilience, prevent unhealthy mindsets and support long-term mental health.

Serving People with Disability

Practising diversity and inclusion in the workplace with integrity demands a commitment beyond lip service. Knowing how to activate your staff in living this out practically day-to-day can be the real challenge. Through this multi-award winning module of highly practical and engaging learning, we address the real-life challenges faced when interacting with people with disability. This increases your employees’ confidence and skill to navigate these situations as they arise.

This module was placed first in four categories receiving Gold place at the LearnX Awards.

Financial Literacy

Ensuring your team members have the needed skills to create and use budgets, make calculations and understand financial statements is one of the simplest yet most essential ways to empower your staff to make informed commercial decisions for the betterment of the company – no matter their role. Through practical application, our eLearning series helps to build your team’s capability so each individual can make informed financial decisions and plan for the future.

Why innovation-driven organisations are embedding our eLearning courses into their workplace initiatives

  • Showing your values in action speaks volumes. Organisations are waking up to the fact that valuing staff wellbeing and personal career development must be backed with investment into practical support.
  • Our eLearning courses focus on the behavioural aspects of critical employee and workplace related challenges – especially in relation to wellness – an area commonly managers feel unsure how to address.
  • Supplying your team with content that can be accessed by your employees when they need it on any device, enables them to explore how to troubleshoot their own circumstances and take responsibility for the areas they can work on.
  • Our courses can be hosted on your own Learning Management System/Learning experience platforms LMS/LXP or on ours – whatever is most convenient for you.

What your employees will benefit from our eLearning courses

  • Self-paced courses that can be easily accessed by your employees when they need it on any device.
  • Content that addresses critical workplace and employee wellbeing-related challenges to help drive behavioural change.
  • Highly engaging, scenario-driven and outcomes focused learning.
  • Modules designed to develop often overlooked skills required by workers to navigate the modern workplace.

How it works

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