Cultural Transformation

The challenge

This was a customer centric organisation and there was an urgent need to refresh the organisation’s values and associated behaviours.

Cultural Transformation

The solution

The program was targeted at all levels of the organization to create buy-in to the concepts of what exceptional service entails. Everyone needed to be across this vision. Being exceptional was seen as applying the Client 3 values and behaviours and understanding how these behaviours relate to the bigger system and experience.

The day was intended as an ‘experience’ and not a course. The Client wanted to create some buzz internally as well and get people conversing after the sessions. The day started with the groups of about 100 being split up and attending sessions where different parts of the business explained what they do.

The client wanted the session to have the following outcomes:

  • How do people see their identity in the customer experience?
  • How do they connect to the bigger picture of customer experience?

The groups, at tables of about 12 per table, built individual models in response to questions such as:

  • Build the best or worst customer service experience you have had.
  • Build a model that tells how you contribute to customer service.

The results

Over 2000 staff attended the sessions and the impact was measured by the company through improved Net Promoter Scores.

In addition, anecdotal evidence demonstrated that even one-year post-event, the participants could still recall what they had built and what commitments they had made to customer service excellence.

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