Women Build Program

The challenge

The client supports an inclusive environment and was determined to create more pathways in to technology for women. As part of this global initiative, the Women build program in Australia used LEGO® Serious Play® as the basis for a series of 2 hour sessions as the starting point for this incredibly important project.

Women Build Program

The solution

The sessions were specifically designed to enable women to tell stories relating to the barriers they face and invite them to solutionise. The purpose was to address how to attract and grow Women in Technology through creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

The sessions provided a place to brainstorm solutions on how to make technology and a career in technology more accessible to women. The challenges posed to the participants as part of the road map included:

  • Build a model so you can tell a story about one of the specific challenges or problems you have identified as a barrier to improving diversity and empowering women in technology. • Build a model and story that is at least one possible solution to the challenge, problem barrier you identified.

The results

A surprising by-product was the number of men who attended the sessions as they were attracted by the methodology revolving around LEGO® – and also wanted to help build a world where their partners and daughters could participate fully.

The LEGO® Serious Play® process provided the ideal platform to launch this amazing initiative and set the program off to a memorable start.

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