Instructional Design that will transform your business

Looking to boost the capability of your learning & development projects? Ready to tackle the future of team learning and build stronger, better-equipped teams?

MCI Solutions’ comprehensive Instructional Design offering will boost capacity, build better projects, and create stronger teams. A custom-built solution that will change how you shape and develop teams. Unique business challenges demand carefully crafted solutions.

A one-size-fits-all strategy rarely sets up success for the long term and can make it harder for employees to get on board.

That’s where instructional design comes in – a purpose-fit, tailored service combining elements of business consultation, policy, eLearning and training, and so much more, to help your business embrace change and growth with ease.

Build learning & development capability quickly

Learning and development go hand in hand with business evolution. But it takes time to create cohesive training materials and effective learning experiences and manage rollout.

MCI offers you a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way to scale up your learning and development capacity to meet needs around specific learning objectives, create a framework for training, and work with your employees on performance improvement over time.

Training your team effectively

Give your team something to be excited about with engaging, effective instructional technology developed by experienced learning design specialists.

Our instructional designers take the time to understand your content, processes, goals and people to create a tailored learning experience based on tried-and-tested instructional theory.

You then own this specially-designed course to be used again and again as needed in the future.

Get your people excited about change

Change can be difficult for workplaces to adopt. Effective instructional design creates a new and inspired design-thinking mindset in your people. It gets them excited about new processes and engages them in proactive performance improvement.

How our instructional designers help you

Our team of instructional designers play a wide range of roles, depending on your unique needs, to create a holistic solution. They are:

  • Experienced instructional designers trained in cutting-edge instructional design models
  • Learning consultants ready to inform training programs and learning initiatives
  • Technical writers ready to draft content across multimedia platforms and new technologies for effective, engaging training materials.
  • eLearning Developers who can produce efficient online courses 
  • Change managers that help your team transition into the new way of doing things while feeling supported, valued and assured.
  • Facilitators that deliver your bespoke content in an engaging, inspiring format, with all the knowledge of your unique systems as required.

And so much more!

The instructional design process

Each instructional design client is unique and we treat each project as such, putting together bespoke, comprehensive packages to suit you. We mix our proven instructional strategies with extensive needs analysis and research to build out the perfect project.

  1. Let’s chat about your unique needs and the scope of the project
  2. We’ll review your existing content and learning resources
  3. The project kicks off with your new core MCI team!
  4. We finalise the design approach alongside your L&D people and learning objectives
  5. Time to storyboard your new eLearning content and design a prototype of the course design
  6. We develop the set-up of the learning program on your LMS if needed
  7. Time to review! See what we’ve done and sign off – it’s ready to deliver to your team!

Why L&D managers choose MCI Solutions

Our difference lies in our passion for the instructional design process and its ability to transform teams. We:

  • Give you flexibility in responding to business needs
  • Reduce the onus on you to make long-term commitments in staff for short-term needs
  • Get work done quickly and effectively
  • Minimise risks in change management
  • And so much more!

By drawing on the expertise of MCI Solutions through our learning expert placements, you’ll always have access to efficient, professional and readily available learning solution resources.

If you’re ready to transform your business, get in touch with us today!

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