Instructional Design

Boost capacity and capability across your learning & development team with our skilled learning experts. Have a short-term or long-term learning expert placed on your L&D team to strengthen the outcome of your next project.

Keen to start a new initiative, but coming up against a capacity constraint? Noticing a capability gap within your team or have the requirement to scale quickly for the project ahead?

No matter the reason for needing to build your employee base, our service can support your organisation through tailored instructional design.

What resource roles we can support you with

  • Training Consultants
  • Technical Writers
  • eLearning Developers
  • Policy & Procedure Writers
  • Information Management
  • Consultants
  • Change Managers

Benefits for the organisation

  • Access the right people when you need them – be quicker in your response to business needs.
  • Reduce the need for your organisation to make a long-term commitment to new staff or add to your payroll
  • Get work done quickly and effectively without moving existing staff from their current priorities
  • Minimise the risk associated with delivering a successful project
  • Have trusted advisors appoint the right talent for you. Ensure that only proven, experienced resources are recruited for your projects – we’ve been placing talent with success and results for years!
  • By drawing on the expertise of MCI through our learning expert placements, you always have access to efficient, professional and readily available resources

How it works

Tell us a little about your organisation, project, budget and ideal candidate and we’ll assign a client manager to get in contact with you.