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Transform your organisational learning and development, no matter the size of your business. Develop effective learning strategies, transform your eLearning design and elevate training programs with tailored instructional design.

Cultivate a culture of learning

Navigating the realm of instructional design can be challenging.

You may find yourself constrained by time, wrestling with budget limitations, and feeling overwhelmed by the intricacies of effective, engaging eLearning Design and Development.

Effective training is a vital component of success in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving business landscape. Our team of seasoned experts understands the hurdles you face and is dedicated to providing tailored learning solutions that drive results, improve efficiency, and foster a culture of continuous growth.

With MCI Solutions, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re partnering with an innovative leader in Instructional Design.

Whether you’re big or small, discover how we can elevate your training programs, maximise learning outcomes, and propel your organisation towards its strategic objectives.

Ignite your team’s capabilities through immersive, dynamic instructional design


Empowered By Expertise

Our experienced instructional designers excel in crafting learning experiences and eLearning Design that captivates, engages, and effectively instructs.


Tailor-Made Learning Solutions

We meticulously customise instructional design solutions that echo your unique needs and yield tangible results.


Innovation & Creativity

Our team infuses every project with innovation and creativity, constantly pioneering new ways to captivate learners and facilitate their success.


Proven Results

With a proven track record across diverse industries, our clients trust us to consistently deliver high-quality instructional designs that exceed expectations.


Comprehensive, Seamless Service

From analysing needs to delivering and evaluating content, our end-to-end instructional design service ensures a seamless and thorough learning journey.

Speak the language of your learners

Our tailored approach ensures that learning experiences are effectively customised to match both the needs of your learners and your organisational goals, leading to improved learning outcomes. Whether that’s eLearning Design and Development, Change Management, or Consulting, we’ve got you covered.

We offer cost-effective training design solutions, utilising efficient delivery methods optimised for your specific needs.

Experience the joy of seeing your team retain and apply the knowledge they’ve gained from our relevant and memorable learning experiences.

Embrace the power of customisation in learning, tailored to your unique industry challenges and employee needs.

With MCI Solutions, you’re choosing more than just a service – you’re choosing a pathway to success.

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Frequently asked questions

What is instructional design?

Instructional design is the process of creating educational or learning materials and experiences in a way that facilitates effective learning. It involves analysing the needs of the learners and the goals of the educational or training program and then designing and developing content, activities, and assessments that will help learners meet those goals.

How can instructional design benefit my organisation?

  • Improved Learning Outcomes: Instructional design ensures that the learning experience is tailored to the needs of the learners and the goals of the organisation, resulting in more effective learning and improved learning outcomes.
  • Cost-Effective Training: Effective instructional design can lead to more efficient and cost-effective training programs, as the content and delivery methods are optimised to meet the needs of the learners.
  • Increased Retention and Transfer of Knowledge: Instructional design can help learners retain and apply what they’ve learned by providing them with relevant, meaningful, and memorable learning experiences.
  • Customised Learning: Instructional design enables organisations to customise their training programs to the specific needs of their employees and the unique challenges of their industry or sector.

How do you measure instructional design success?

We measure success in a range of ways:

  • Learner Feedback
  • Performance Improvement
  • Knowledge Retention
  • Business Impact
  • Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

What is the instructional design process at MCI Solutions?

  • Confirm scope of work: We carefully consider your unique needs, expectations, and learning objectives to ensure alignment between your goals and our approach.
  • Storyboarding: Next, we embark on the storyboarding process, carefully outlining the flow of the course content. This strategic planning stage guides the structure of your learning program, ensuring a clear and engaging narrative that aligns with the learning objectives.
  • Design of prototype & templates: Once the storyboard is ready, our team crafts a prototype and develops course templates. These give you a glimpse of the final look and feel of the learning experience, enabling you to see your vision coming to life.
  • Development of content: Building on the approved prototypes and templates, we then dive into content development. Our experts meticulously create engaging, relevant, and effective content, designed to resonate with your learners and facilitate knowledge retention.
  • Multimedia creation: We enhance the learning experience by creating and integrating a variety of multimedia elements. From interactive infographics to engaging videos, we ensure the content is not only informative but also visually captivating and immersive.
  • Review phase with quality assurance testing: Every project undergoes a rigorous review phase and quality assurance testing. This step ensures the final product is accurate, functional, and meets the high-quality standards that MCI Solutions is known for.
  • Handover of source files & IP: We believe in transparency and ownership, so upon project completion, we hand over all source files and intellectual property. This enables you to update content, scale your learning program, and maintain full control over your resources.
  • Launch from your LMS: Finally, we support you in launching the newly developed course from your Learning Management System (LMS). We ensure the seamless integration of our content into your system for a smooth and successful course launch.

How can instructional design be tailored to meet the specific needs of my organisation?

Instructional design can be customised by deeply understanding your organisation’s unique learning objectives, culture, and learners. At MCI Solutions, we gather this information and use it to design and develop a learning experience that addresses your specific needs, including custom content, learning activities, delivery methods, and assessments.

What are the different delivery methods for instructional design, and which one is best suited for my organisation?

Delivery methods for instructional design can include in-person training, eLearning modules, blended learning, virtual classrooms, and mobile learning. The best delivery method for your organisation will depend on a variety of factors, including the nature of the content, the characteristics and preferences of your learners, geographical considerations, and your available resources and technology.

How can instructional design be evaluated for effectiveness, and what metrics should be used?

The effectiveness of instructional design can be evaluated through a combination of methods such as learner feedback, pre- and post-training assessments, observation of behavioural changes, and business impact analysis. The specific metrics used will depend on the goals of your training program, but could include measures of knowledge retention, skill acquisition, learner satisfaction, and impact on key business metrics.

What are some of the latest trends and technologies in instructional design, and how can they be leveraged to improve training effectiveness?

Some of the latest trends and technologies in instructional design include the use of artificial intelligence in personalizing learning, mobile learning, microlearning, virtual and augmented reality, and gamification. These can be leveraged to make learning more engaging, interactive, and effective, and to deliver learning in ways that are more flexible and convenient for learners.

How much does instructional design cost, and what factors should be considered when budgeting for training programs?

The cost of instructional design can vary widely depending on the complexity and scale of the project, the delivery method, the amount of custom content needed, and the use of advanced technologies or multimedia. When budgeting for training programs, consider not only the upfront costs of developing the training, but also the ongoing costs of maintaining and updating the training, as well as the costs associated with delivering the training and evaluating its effectiveness.

How can we ensure that our training programs meet compliance and regulatory requirements, such as those related to safety or diversity and inclusion?

Ensuring compliance involves staying updated with the latest regulations in your industry, clearly defining the compliance requirements in your learning objectives, and incorporating these requirements into the design of your training program. We at MCI Solutions make sure to include assessments that accurately measure learner understanding of compliance-related content and provide records of training completion when necessary.

How can we ensure that our learners are engaged and motivated to participate in training programs, and what strategies can be used to increase learner retention and transfer of knowledge?

Engaging learners involves designing training programs that are relevant, interactive, and responsive to their needs and preferences. This can include using a variety of instructional strategies, incorporating interactive elements such as multimedia and gamification, and providing opportunities for social learning and collaboration. To increase retention and transfer of knowledge, instructional design should also include opportunities for learners to practice applying what they’ve learned, receive feedback, and reflect on their learning. Integrating real-world scenarios and cases into the learning experience can significantly enhance the applicability and retention of the learned skills. Post-training reinforcement strategies, such as follow-up activities or on-the-job coaching, can also be used to support the transfer of knowledge and skills to the workplace. To encourage motivation, it’s essential to clearly communicate the benefits and value of the training program to the learners. You can also increase motivation by providing a supportive learning environment, setting clear and achievable learning goals, offering flexible and personalized learning options, and recognising and rewarding learners’ progress and achievements. At MCI Solutions, we pay special attention to these aspects to create truly engaging, effective, and learner-centered training programs.

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