Thriving in a Remote First World – Employment Hero

Employment Hero is one of Australia’s fastest growing SaaS companies, powered by a mission to make employment easier and more valuable for everyone.

Employment Hero connects and empowers over 200,000 businesses globally with a network of amazing employees working in a remote first environment.

Head quartered: Sydney, NSW
Number of employees: 750+ across the world

The challenge

Employment Hero knows that remote first working is a competitive advantage that provides employees with the benefits of no commuting, cost savings, flexible working, and improved work-life balance. But remote first working also presents a few challenges like, needing to get creative with how we offer meaningful learning & development opportunities to our employees.

The solution

The MCI Live Virtual Classroom Subscription allows Employment Hero to provide employees with collaborative learning experiences with a real facilitator and peer network.

The short and engaging 90 minute sessions cover a range of soft skill, IT, and business related topics that our employees need and enjoy using.

The results

Thriving in a remote first environment requires a high level of self sufficiency and the Live Virtual Classroom Subscription puts their employees in the driver’s seat of their growth and development.

Employee usage of the live virtual classroom subscription has been very strong with employees filling our available seats nearly every month and strong feedback scores reflecting their level of engagement in the sessions and willingness to apply the learning back on the job.

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