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Anglicare NSW provides retirement living, aged care, and community care services to people in the Greater Sydney and the Illawarra Region. As one of Australia’s largest Christian care organisations, Anglicare reaches out to tens of thousands of people every year.

Anglicare faced challenges during the pandemic and wanted to continue developing its leaders. In response, MCI pivoted its solution to be delivered fully online, delivering a comprehensive leadership program to 430 participants.

Program overview

The program consisted of 84 virtual classes, 28 face-to-face classes, 430 virtual reality simulations, and 40 sessions delivered by the MCI learning team. The goal was to provide accessible training with minimal disruption to the participant’s daily tasks, using technology to create a challenging and engaging experience.

Some of the topics were:

  • Coach and Be a Mentor
  • Conflict Management
  • Lead your Team
  • Own your Career
  • Demonstrate EI
  • Leadership Essentials
  • LEGO Serious Play

Challenges and Solutions

MCI was faced with the challenge of making the program accessible while maintaining its quality and effectiveness. To overcome this challenge, MCI used a combination of virtual classes, virtual reality simulations, and eventually face-to-face sessions post-Covid, to ensure that participants could access the program from anywhere, at any time. Linked-In Learning was also included for self-paced boosters and refreshers. 

The use of technology allowed for a highly interactive and engaging experience that kept participants motivated and engaged throughout the program.  When finally in-person courses started again, the innovative LEGO Serious Play method was also incorporated to ensure that participants constructed and told stories about their key learnings.


The leadership program at Anglicare was a great success, with over 430 participants successfully completing the program.

The program was well-received by participants, with many reporting that they felt more confident and equipped to lead their teams and organizations.

Access the video interview of Michael Eichler, from Anglicare, by MCI’s founding director, Dr. Denise Meyerson, to learn more about this exceptional Leadership Program.


The leadership program at Anglicare was a prime example of how organizations can successfully develop their leaders, even during challenging times.

The program’s innovative use of technology, combined with its accessibility and quality, made it a resounding success, and the participants are now better equipped to lead their teams and organizations.  Many have been promoted to new roles and continue to demonstrate their commitment to delivery of the Anglicare strategy whilst at the same time upholding the organisation’s values.

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