Build Practical, Effective and Advanced Skills With Our Excel Courses Online

MCI’s Microsoft Excel courses are the perfect way to build on your Excel exposure and shape critical, advanced skills.

Become an Excel Expert with guided training, experienced facilitators, a broad range of courses and so much more – all delivered virtually, perfect for today’s hybrid workforce.

From the basics to tackling data analysis like a pro, our Excel Courses online are the ultimate showcase of the Excel interface.

Shape how your team works.

Efficient Teams Are Excel Experts

Excel is a cornerstone of the business world. Its unique functions and formulas make all sorts of everyday tasks more efficient.

But learning Excel is not easy, especially for those that aren’t super tech savvy. While most of your employees may have a handle of the basics, they’re unlikely to be masters of every aspect. But training, especially in something as technical as Excel, is hard to get consistent, often only available via video tutorials that don’t work for everyone, and don’t cover key items in detail.

That’s where MCI’s unique suite of Excel courses comes in.

A strong foundation for your whole team

Our excel courses are designed to take users through a journey, from beginner to intermediate skill levels. We build on established Excel exposure and introduce more advanced topics, such as automation with Excel macros and data validation through tailored pivot tables. The series creates consistency in the learnings of your team, so everyone builds the skills they need for their day-to-day work.

Engaging, interactive learning

There’s only so much you can pick up about navigating complex functions when you’re trying to do it through an unguided video tutorial. Our Live Virtual Classroom puts a trained, experienced facilitator in front of your employees so they can ask questions as they go and get a more detailed learning experience.

Comprehensive Excel skills

Our Excel program looks at skill-building and proficiency beyond just knowing how to use the tools. A number of our modules, especially in the intermediate range, looks at ways to get more efficient with skills, from formatting to forecasting, using Excel to change how you do day-to-day work.

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Why leaders choose MCI Solutions for Excel Training

  • A unique interactive training format that connects your team to real-world business experts
  • Opportunity to collaborate with peers from other organisations and industries
  • Focused, 90-minute sessions to avoid learning fatigue when dealing with technical content
  • Numerous slots available for each module so your team can choose a session that works for them
  • The ability to scale up organisational training through the all-access Live Virtual Classroom Subscription, from as little as $22 per seat!

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