Learning Design Consultants

Transform organisational challenges into growth opportunities.

Revitalise your corporate training with MCI Solutions’ Learning Design Consultants. Our tailored approach goes beyond traditional training, focusing on creating engaging, impactful learning experiences.

We expertly navigate the complexities of your business needs to deliver customised solutions that drive growth, enhance efficiency, and align with your strategic objectives.

For any learning and development challenges your organisation faces, our Learning Design Consultants can guide you to success. 

Instructional Design

Enhance your workforce’s skills and engagement with specialised instructional design. We navigate time constraints, budget limits, and the nuances of engaging eLearning design and development to deliver effective training crucial for success in today’s fast-paced business environment. 

Our experience digital learning consultants offer custom learning solutions that enhance efficiency, foster growth, and align with your strategic goals. 

Technical Writers

Conveying complex technical information simply and effectively is a challenge for any organisation. It demands skilful writing, clear communication, and a deep understanding of diverse learning styles. 

Our technical writers serve as a vital link between subject matter experts and end-users, ensuring accurate information and smooth, successful operations. Learn how our technical writers can enhance user experience, decrease support calls, and boost satisfaction among teams and clients. 

eLearning Development

In today’s fast-changing environment, the importance of effective employee training cannot be overstated. Many businesses struggle with outdated content, poor engagement, and challenges in gauging training effectiveness.

At MCI Solutions, our Learning Design Consultants collaborate closely with you to understand your specific needs and goals, leveraging expertise in areas from software training to leadership development. We design personalised, business-aligned learning experiences that help you overcome training challenges and propel your business forward.

Change Management

In the constantly evolving business world, transformational change is essential for growth – but navigating it can be daunting. Challenges like resistance, disengagement, communication gaps, and resource limitations are common.

We specialise in transforming these hurdles into a structured and manageable journey. Our expertise in managing organisational restructuring, system implementation, and cultural transformations makes the process that little bit less intimidating.

In-House Facilitators

Effective team training goes beyond just selecting topics and creating content; it addresses key challenges like engaging learners, overcoming technical issues, and measuring outcomes effectively.

Our Learning Design Consultants don’t just present information; we customise it to align with your business objectives, using cutting-edge interactive tools to ensure the content truly connects with your team. Covering areas from software training to leadership development, we identify performance gaps and craft dynamic learning journeys using interactive multimedia. Our approach is continuously honed through learner feedback, focusing not just on knowledge transfer, but on driving tangible growth.

Project Management

In today’s vibrant business landscape, your goals extend beyond managing scope changes and budget constraints; you’re aiming for seamless project execution, effective team collaboration, and outstanding ROI.

Our expert team of Learning Design Consultants, with skills in logistics, marketing, technology, finance, and more, uses a refined approach. We emphasise clear project milestones, transparent risk assessments, solid project plans, and above all, tailored, consistent communication. With MCI Solutions, our focus is not just on navigating challenges but on turning your vision into measurable success.