Project Management Fundamentals – Simplify Your Projects with Core Project Planning (Part 2/6)

Today, as their business becomes more complex, many organisations seek to simplify their projects. By decomposing projects and managing their scope, organisations are able to provide management with realistic estimates early in a project’s lifecycle, reduce the risk of dreaded scope creep and improve the efficiency of both the planning process and the work performed on the project. Module 2 of the MCI Project Management Fundamentals Online Course enables organisations and individuals to simplify their projects with core project planning. ​


Duration: 90 minutes

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the drivers and solutions for scope creep ​
  • Facilitating the development and approval of a Scope Statement and Work Breakdown Structure ​
  • Dealing with the typical issues presented when scoping project ​
  • Designing and customising the scope management process for a project 

Upcoming Sessions

Date Time (AEDT) Location Available Spaces Cost
20 June 2024 09:30 am - 11:00 am Online 5 $195.00
12 August 2024 12:00 pm - 01:30 pm Online 5 $195.00