Solve Problems Creatively

In our innovation economy, the ability to create novel solutions to problems will distinguish good teams from great teams.  Join this session so that you apply creative problem-solving principles and methodologies to your own work environment.  Work through the creative problem-solving model so that you are able to: Identify the problem and frame it correctly; Analyse the causes of the problem; Use divergent, brainstorming techniques to identify solutions and finally use convergence to choose the most appropriate solution for your team or organisation. Finally, plan your course of action for implementation.


Duration: 90 minutes

Learning outcomes

  • Identify how creativity contributes to innovation
  • Set up a conducive environment to encourage creativity + innovation
  • Apply the world-renowned Creative Problem Solving (CPS) framework in meetings and workshops
  • Use divergence and convergence to generate and accept ideas that move forward into the implementation phase
  • Apply creative problem-solving methodologies to broad, ‘hairy’ problems and follow a defined process to identify and implement solutions

Upcoming Sessions

Date Time (AEDT) Location Available Spaces Cost
1 August 2024 12:00 pm - 01:30 pm Online 5 $225.00