Train the Virtual Trainer – Confidence in delivering virtual classrooms Session 3

This course focuses on training the virtual trainer to confidently design and deliver valuable virtual classroom programs, ensuring audiences are engaged and inspired to embed the key learnings. It is delivered over 3 x 90-minute facilitator led virtual classroom sessions.

This highly interactive and powerful course provides trainers with the strategies and techniques to seamlessly convert content into virtual learning programs and gain valuable tools on the mechanics of the virtual classroom to confidently design and deliver highly engaging sessions to audiences to ensure maximum engagement and motivation to apply the key learnings back into their work.


Duration: 90 minute

Learning outcomes

  • Review key outcomes from session 2
  • Top 10 mechanics of the virtual classroom
  • Set expectations for your audience to ensure full participation
  • Become a broadcaster! Dial up your online presence and deliver with confidence
  • Techniques for vocal and verbal communication as the critical elements to virtual delivery
  • Discover the importance of tone and pace to articulate your message more clearly
  • Adapt your voice for clarity and variety to ensure that your participants are participating and learning.
  • Activities to get your voice ready for virtual delivery
  • Look confident to sound confident – body movement and posture
  • Remove verbal dangers including filler words and word whispers
  • How to sound confident, credible and connected – the 3Cs of presenting
  • Set final action plans for ongoing development.
  • Receive a virtual delivery ‘cheat sheet’ to confidently move through the virtual training process from pre to post-session