eLearning Module – Serving People with Disability

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Did you know 1 in 5 Australians, more than 4 million people, live with a disability?

If your organization is not appropriately engaging people with disability, your customer experience strategy is incomplete.

And if your team isn’t able to interact with different people effectively, you may risk providing your customers a bad experience.

At MCI Solutions, we can help your employees confidently deliver great service to your customers, including people with disability, and enhance your business’ reputation.

Experts Insights

We have designed the Serving People with Disability program in collaboration with small and medium businesses and APM – Australia’s largest Disability Employment Services provider.

Our training looks at the common challenges people with disability face so your employees can better understand the needs of your customers.

This includes people with physical or visible disability and disabilities which may not be obvious when you first meet a customer.

Proven Learning Techniques

Serving People with Disability in delivered through MCI Solution’s 4L Instructional Design Methodology.

Inclusive Practice | Immersive Scenarios

The immersive scenarios engages our emotional and cognitive learning processes.

Using discrete skills, it promotes self-reflection and provides employees with immediate – and long-term feedback.

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