eLearning Module – Living a Resilient Life

Resilience is a very personal concept. One of the many dimensions of positive mental health is resilience. Teaching methods to enhance resilience signifies a move towards a prevention and strength-building model of mental health.

MCI adopts a building block approach, using a wide range of innovate modality to develop a unique and blended solution to this personal concept. This solution is customised to your specific needs and is as effective as it is practical for your organisation to roll out.

    – Micros to cover the contextual,technical and process contentspecific to the topic.
    – Total of 10 microlearning(content) assets.
    Self-evaluation of personal resilience using the elements of resilience as a guide.
  3. LABORATORY (Optional)
    Digital On-Demand Assets
    – Total of 10 microlearning(content) assets.
    Real-Time Facilitated sessions
    – Classroom Sessions
    – Virtual Classroom Session
  4. LIFE (Optional)
    12 in 12
    – A spaced-learning reinforcement program over 21days.
    – Organisations use their own technology to deploy

Building resilience has significant and measurable benefits for organisations

  • Designed in collaboration with professionals and experts in the field
  • Contextualised, personal and highly practical
  • Uses our 4L Instructional Design Methodology to ensure depth and rigour to the learning solution
  • SCORM compliant and easy to upload on existing LMS or LXP

Resilience Microlearning Modules

  • Living a Resilient Life
  • Element 1: Health and Wellbeing
  • Element 2: Connections and Support
  • Element 3: Self-efficay and Self-worth
  • Element 4: Optimism and Perseverance
  • Element 5: EQ and Emotional Awareness
  • Element 6: Self-regulation
  • Element 7: Stress Management Element
  • Element 8: Control and Problem-solving
  • Element 9: Purpose an Congruence

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