Leadership – Managing People

Today’s managers are expected to demonstrate vision, be excellent communicators, manage team affectively, build a culture that is invigorating and fun, and maintain a work-life balance – all part of the job! This course provides you with the skills and techniques to be a superior business leader and people manager.


Duration: 2 days

Learning outcomes

At the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Analyse your natural leadership style and identify areas for development
  • Explain the concept of Emotional Intelligence and its importance for leadership
  • Create a leadership development plan
  • Evaluate your team to ascertain differences in communication and personality
  • Use strategies to communicate effectively with people with different styles
  • Formulate a plan and goals to create results
  • Use strategies to enhance employees’ performance
  • Coach an individual through a performance management session
  • Create and commit to a personal leadership vision

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