Conduct a Quality Review of an eLearning module

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Need to review an elearning course that has been developed? 

Here’s an easy-to-use MCI checklist as a starting point to check the modules before release to your users.

This guide gives you a sense of what you should be checking to ensure that the elearning course has been designed and delivered to the highest standards.

1. Course Content

  • Does the course cover the key objectives that had been set prior to development?
  • Is there sufficient content to ensure that the user will have the skills and knowledge they need to be competent in the workplace?
  • Is all the ‘need to know’ information and skills included in the modules?
  • Is there essential content that has been omitted?
  • Have all the facts been checked for accuracy?
  • Are you confident that the course is helpful and relevant to the role?

2. Course flow and overall design

  • Does the course proceed in a logical way that is easy to follow?
  • Are you able to readily move through the course so that it would be deemed user-friendly?
  • Are there sections that do not fit with the overall flow of the module?
  • If required, does the course follow the company brand guidelines?
  • Is the design cohesive throughout the modules?
  • Are the navigational instructions clear and explicit?
  • Did you feel lost or unsure at any stage as to how to proceed to the next section?

3. Quiz Questions

  • Are the questions clearly framed?
  • Do the questions relate directly to the content?
  • Are the answers too obvious?
  • Do the questions genuinely test knowledge and skills?
  • Do all the selected answers lead to the score being correctly shown?
  • Is there sufficient feedback when the incorrect response is selected?

4. Use of imagery and graphics

  • Are the images appropriate for use within the organization?
  • Do they relate well to the content?
  • Are the images of similar style and quality

5. Provide multiple training delivery methods

  • Are there grammatical or spelling errors?
  • Has punctuation been used correctly?
  • Are the sentences concise?
  • Are there chunks of content that should be constructed into shorter paragraphs?
  • Is the content written wherever possible in the active voice?
  • Is there jargon that has not been explained?
  • Are the fonts used in a consistent way?

6. Audio Reviews

  • If there is audio in any part of the modules, does the voice-over make sense?
  • Is there any distracting background noise?
  • Is the volume and quality consistent throughout the modules?
  • Does the audio sound natural?

7. Overall functionality

  • Do all the hyper-links work well?
  • If there are ‘next’ buttons, are they all functioning?
  • Can you access all sections of the course from the menu?
  • Do all the videos or animations play well?
  • Does the course have an overall professional look and feel?

Once you have conducted your initial review using the checklist, you will also receive user feedback and be able to make further changes.

If you would like to have a downloadable version of the eLearning course review checklist for your convenience, simply click here.

By using this eLearning course checklist, you’ll be able to create engaging and effective training courses for your learners. Remember, if you ever need any assistance, the MCI team is available to help you. Contact us today to take your online training to the next level!

April 6, 2023

By Dr. Denise Meyerson

Dr. Denise Meyerson is the founder of MCI and has 30 years' experience in vocational education. In that time, she has developed deep expertise in the design and delivery of a range of qualification programs to major corporates and to job seekers via in-person learning methodologies as well as innovative digital learning experiences.