Posted On August 2, 2018

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Author: Denise Meyerson

CEO of The Focus Learning Group / a Multi-Award Winning Training Company / Telstra Business Women’s Awards Finalist

Dr Denise Meyerson has published in e-magazine ESInsights APAC discussing the common challenges of organisations globally.

When we consult to global organisations we find a common challenge: the management team asks us how they can create a high performing team that delivers on a consistent basis.  Managers often note that there is a percentage of team members who always exceed targets and other KPIs on a range of levels.  And then there are others who seem to simply drift along and in worst case scenarios, don’t deliver at all.

Here are 4 tips for transforming your team members so that they bring their A game to work:

1 – Technology provides some of the answers.

There are ways of extracting the knowledge of the top tier and spreading this ‘tribal knowledge’ through to the entire team.  Take the time to observe what your top performers do:  how do they approach clients or colleagues?  What word power do they have?  What are their business rituals and habits that make them great?  Interview them and shadow them so that you determine what those secrets are to their success.

Once you have this information, transform it in to learning assets that can be shared readily with the team.  These pieces of learning are not a series of PDFs.  They consist of – videos, interviews, live and recorded discussions, a set of Q and A worksheets, demonstrations and micro-bite learning sessions that are loaded on to learning apps or other digital learning platforms.

2 – Once the whole team has had some time to digest and process the new learning, it is time to test them.

If you really want to drive consistent responses when messages are given to clients, you cannot simply hope for the best.

The tests are in a range of formats:  they are written questionnaires, recorded verbal responses and also video where appropriate for client-facing conversations.

Research conducted by top digital platform, Learncore, has shown that of the 320,000 team members using their system, 130,000 attempted and practised their responses before finalising their test.  This means that there were 130,000 times people attempted and didn’t do terribly well on the platform practice system – and not in front of a valued client!

3 – Make the top performers part of the solution.

They are your super-stars and have the ability to ensure that the entire team spirals upwards.  Train them up as coaches so that they are able to provide feedback and assistance to their colleagues.  They are at the coalface and they have the track record of success so why re-invent the wheel?  Let them take the lead in ensuring that the feedback they provide is specific and targeted to the root cause.

4 – Motivation!

We would all dearly love a team where intrinsic motivation is part of the make-up of each team member. Where this isn’t the case, some external motivation to drive change towards positive behaviours is a great idea. Use gamification principles so that it becomes competitive. Chocolate prizes based on achieving required outputs lifted performance in one organisation by over 150% – and all for a really simply prize awarded as part of a game.

Apply these guidelines in a way that suits your own context.  All these recommendations are budget friendly and will make all the difference to achieving your desired performance levels.

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