Your learning partners

Our strategic collaboration

At MCI Solutions we act as a learning partner to the HR and L&D departments within organisations and offer training and facilitation of workshops . All of this is what we call our strategic collaboration – we gather diverse teams who might have different agendas coming into the room and we really work with them to put their own objectives to one side and focus on moving forward together as a team. This lets us break down the barriers and get fantastic outcomes.

Other services

Learning needs analysis

In this we help HR & L&D teams develop detailed skills matrices, to look at what training can be done within your organisation

Helping executives develop their coaching skills

We help develop the business skills of executives, so they can help develop the capabilities within their organisation

Workforce planning

We help companies look at the future of their strategic HR needs, at talent management, succession planning and how to integrate it altogether in a strategic workforce plan to help the company meet its strategic objectives

Evaluate and assess the quality of the learning

We are not just assessing how good a time participants had in the workshops but also looking at the ROI that they have had in the learning. Seeing how behaviours have changed, we can survey the clients and gather focus groups in order obtain this information and report on it

Strategy development

We help senior management teams run offsite sessions, where we bring strategic leadership teams together. In the sessions we help them clearly identify what their key goals and objectives are in the short, medium and long-term. It’s not only about how to create strategic documentation but also about how to implement the strategy moving forward. In that way we have experts in our team for project planning and implementation