Posted On January 5, 2016

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Their 2015 Learning by Design Awards were launched to recognise creative excellence in Bitesize Learning (elearning pieces of less than 30 minutes), delivered for a maximum digital experience.

LearnX were looking for the coolest short learning content out there, so we sent in a colourful selection of our best 3-5 minute learning bites. The work was assessed on creative instructional design techniques, customisation for a digital experience and the results achieved for the learner and the business alike.

The winners were announced this week, and in partnership with our clients, we scooped up 5 major awards for elearning pieces ranging from HR and performance through to inclusion, customer care and WH&S.

Diamond winners:

  • MCI Solutions and Medibank – Health, Safety and Wellbeing Learning Bytes
  • MCI Solutions and ANZ – LGBTI Workplace Inclusion

Emerald winners:

  • MCI Solutions and Woolworths – HR Transformation
  • MCI Solutions and Transurban – Set Key Performance Indicators program

Sapphire winner:

  • MCI Solutions and BT Finance – Transcending the Telephone program

Arthur Richardson, our head of sales and solutions, is particularly proud of this recognition.

“We’re very lucky to have such talented and passionate digital teams that consistently produce inspiring work,” he admits.

“Of course, we get to do innovative projects like these because of our great clients. They put their trust in us to deliver creative elearning that really makes a difference to their people.”

Hat tips and celebrations all round. It just goes to show that some of the coolest and most effective learning out there comes in small packages.

If you’d like to chat to one of our digital learning specialists about how bitesized and blended programs could be the answer to some of your learning headaches, call us on 1300 768 550 and ask for Arthur or Michelle.