Posted On May 25, 2017

How innovative (and disruptive) learning technologies will continue to transform the role of learning professionals

The design and management of technology-enhanced learning has become increasingly complex since the early days of CBT and eLearning, and now incorporates trends and technologies such as social learning, BYOD, natural user interface (NUI) and gamification.

The impact of technology we’re seeing today is only just the beginning!

Today’s learning professional is being asked to be both learning expert and fluent technology purveyor. While it’s true that learning tools used today are dramatically different from those that had remained unchanged for centuries, much of the recent technological developments simply automate and digitise traditional ways of learning.

Tomorrow’s technological developments, however, will actually change what we learn and how we teach.

This webinar-on-demand reviews the present and future impacts of technology on teaching and learning. Beyond simply crystal ball gazing, it taps into the insights of three seasoned learning technologists to help you explore:

  • How successful organisations are managing today’s rapidly changing, technology-enabled learning environments
  • What technological developments await―from learning analytics, educational data mining/big data and contextualised kinetic learning, to next-generation personalisation strategies, learning networks, talent clouds and more.
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