Posted On September 4, 2019

After many years of delivering learning at the appropriate moment of need via the virtual classroom, MCI has accumulated many tips and guidelines that we are keen to share!

Today’s learners no longer need to be in a physical classroom – there is a wide panorama of choice when it comes to learning modalities. And one of these options is an engaging, interactive series of virtual classrooms.

Download this session to learn more about how to:

  • How to prepare and motivate your organisation for the introduction of virtual classroom to the learning blend.
  • How to prepare and engage participants so that they become familiar with this way of learning – create a strong communication plan.
  • How to develop your design, training and facilitation teams so that they transform content from in-person delivery to virtual classroom format.
  • How to negotiate with the IT team to ensure that the technology side works smoothly.

Virtual classrooms offer endless potential for creating learning on scale and for bringing about changes in skills levels and behaviours.

Download this session to gain insights on how to prepare your organisation for an efficient, effective – and budget-friendly way of learning.

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