Posted On August 23, 2018

Many top organisations are urgently adopting Agile methodology as part of the way in which they work. This represents a major change for the way in which teams collaborate, plan and manage projects and focus on stakeholder and customer outcomes.

Transitioning to an Agile philosophy and applying different processes and tools requires building capability in yourself and in your team to be successful.

Join this webinar to learn more about how you can lead the change to Agile:

  • Grow confidence in understanding what an agile culture entails and what your role is in building this mindset within your own team and within your organisation.
  • Identify how roles and norms are different in Agile and what you can do to manage the transition effectively.
  • Apply the Agile mindset to all of your HR and L&D projects so that you are able to change focus to listening to the customer voice.
  • Build your ability to proactively manage the changes that Agile brings to typically hierarchical team structures: look at how you will place the customer at the centre of what you do and operate as a part of a fluid network.

More information about Agile:

Agile management is now a vast global movement that is transforming the world of work. Most remarkably, the five largest organisations on the planet in terms of market capitalisation—Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft—are recognisably Agile. (Forbes, March 2018)

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