Posted On October 18, 2018

Download this practical webinar to gain insights into what micro learning is and whether this is a strategy that you should be adopting. And if you do decide to move down the micro learning pathway, what is in store for you in terms of design and delivery options.

Micro learning brings exciting challenges and huge opportunities. Enjoy navigating your way into a world of learning that your users appreciate, and discover the positive business impact to your organisation.

We explore in more detail:

• What are the key characteristics that define micro learning?
• When is it appropriate – and when is macro learning a better option?
• Where and how do you get started?
• Micro learning is more than simply chunking up learning modules in to smaller pieces. How do you begin to structure your learning framework?
• What options are there for the delivery of your learning bites? We’ll give you examples of at least 8 ways in which the same learning outcomes can be presented in micro format.

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