Training Options

Why we have different options?

At MCI Solutions we understand that for different companies, the way in which training is conducted might not always be the same. Different people might require a different method of training or learning, and we understand that. That's why we have a range of options to suit almost any organisation, whether a virtual classroom is needed due to geographically dispersed teams or an learning app is needed to reinforce training, we have the solution for you and your team!

Options include:

Bespoke or customised

We are focused on behavioural change, targeting the right needs is important for creating long-term impacts on the business. We customise the program content – We have an overarching approach to the different topic areas and adjust the contents of the program to meet the needs of the client.


We are fully focused on engaging participants and making the training fun. There is no point in conducting boring training – the information taught then has no hope of sticking with the participants. The training is activity based – no longer sitting at the table listening to people, the participants will be up and doing the majority of the work by participating.

Virtual Classrooms

Do you spend a portion of your training budget on travel expenses to move participants around the country? Do your teams operate globally and need consistent training ok key tropics? Virtual classrooms deliver training to groups in an online environment that is as efficient and as interactive as face-to-face training.

A new LMS with a real ROI

A new generation of Learning Management Systems that incorporate evidence based learning methodologies and deliver training that ticks all the boxes. Cloud based means that you have no technology to fuss with, performance is never an issue, new features are automatically added, and all your material is available on every kind of device, anywhere

A learning app that embeds learning

Participants retain less than 20% of a training program. Learning apps change that. The modern learner requires on-going practice to embed skills and apply them to working conditions. Without continuous and on-going practice, training is not retained. New habits are formed and skills applied with practice. Learning apps are continuing the conversation with participants, for 3-6 months after the face-to-face training has ended. Make your training budget more effective.


For organisations that require the flexibility of an online course and some face-to-face sessions.
Blended enhances the corporate training experience by providing the best of all learning models, online and face-to-face.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL recognises a person’s current skills and knowledge. We formally acknowledge how and where previous learning has occurred.