Posted On October 22, 2015

The following top 5 tips are quick and easy to use and help you organise and store large amounts of information in one place:

1. Using OneNote Template

The built-in OneNote Templates save you time and can give you a consistent look and feel.

  • Click on the Insert tab
  • Click on Page Templates
  • Select the Category and click on the Template required (eg. Meeting as seen below).

OneNote Templates

2. Screen Clip A Website Onto A Onenote Page

The Screen Clip feature is handy when you need to keep information in one location in OneNote, for example airfares or handy websites for work and the web address is automatically inserted below the screen clipping.

  • Open the Website page, then click on the Send to OneNote icon in the taskbar
  • Click on Screen Clipping and select part of the Website page on screen
  • Select the Notebook page and click on Send to Selected Location.

OneNote Screen Clip

3. Locking A OCKINGSection with a Password

If you have confidential information in a Section of your Notebook, it is possible to lock the Section so no one can open the section without the password.

  • Right click on the Section tab and select Password Protect This Section
  • Click on Set Password
  • Enter the password and confirm and click on OK.

4. Insert A Picture

When you are travelling to a work site for example, (or for your Personal Notebook) it is easy to take a picture on your mobile phone and simply insert it onto the relevant page in OneNote.  OneNote has an App for mobile phones and it will sync to your mobile, tablet or computer.

  • Tap to open the OneNote App
  • Tap on the camera icon (bottom left corner)
  • Select Insert Picture From Library or Take Picture.

Note: To insert a picture on a computer or tablet, simply drag the image file from File Explorer onto the OneNote page.

5. Using Tags

The built-in tags have unique icons to assist with visible reminders, for example the To Do tag inserts a tick when clicked on.

  • Select the text
  • Click on the Home tab then click on the More triangle
  • Select the required tag from the tag gallery.

Note: In OneNote on a mobile, the To Do tag is easy to tap on to show the completed task in a list.

OneNote Tags

I hope these tips can help you effectively collate and organise information in one place and now you can throw away the many paper lists! To get up to speed, we run one-day OneNote introductory courses in Sydney and Melbourne, or we can come to your office to train your whole team. Just call 1300 768 550 for details.

Libby Jackett is a Microsoft Office Trainer and has been facilitating for over 20 years. She has extensive experience in on-site, customised training and consulting at a variety of client’s premises including Government sites.