Posted On October 28, 2016

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The main goal for a project team overseeing the upgrade is to help the organisation realise the productivity benefits from the new software. But in our experience, what project leads often need most is an assurance that the transition will happen seamlessly, with minimum pain and tears, and without sending the IT department into melt-down with support calls.

Our IT Solutions Manager, Kiril Grasevski, has helped organisations traverse these scenarios countless times over more than 20 years in the industry.

Here are some of his best tips from those experiences:

Tip 1: Communication is key

As with any change exercise, it’s critical to get the key stakeholders excited and on board with your vision well before the migration occurs. Engage early and often, and have a communication and change plan in place.

Tip 2: Engage the ‘sneezers’

Identify and engage a group of change champions to help spread the positive messages and benefits of the upgrade.

Usually people of influence on the ground in key departments or locations, the change champions can ‘infect’ the organisation virally with good news as they share their enthusiasm and excitement about the pending change.

They can also be a vital defacto support crew during the change-over and provide 1-on-1 assistance for users when they need it most.

Tip 3: Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come

While software upgrades are about improvement through technology, we all know it’s people using the technology who make it happen – or not.

A software upgrade must put the user experience at the heart of any planning. This means getting L&D managers or external partners involved right at the outset.

Focusing on getting the technology right alone will not work – successful migration will only work if it’s underpinned by a user adoption plan. Leave this vital element out and you risk losing the return on the investment in software.

Reduce the risks to your Office upgrade

Avoid the pitfalls and learn from our experiences with MS Office upgrades.

Why not let us help you with your adoption planning? While you take care of the technology we can help take care of your people.

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