Posted On January 4, 2016

2015 written with sparkles

As we start back this January, I wanted to share our most popular blog posts from the last 12 months that made up a chock-full and fun 2015. From growing professional skills, to embracing new technologies, to building creative excellence in learning, we explored lots of topics with many of our expert friends in the industry.

So here we go… a year in review. Let the countdown begin…

10. How to spot a fantastic Instructional Designer

9. 3 tips on how to engage every learner – a lesson from Millennials

8. The 5 critical competencies you need to become an outstanding leader

7. The benefits of a healthy workforce

6. What’s next for Blended Learning, and why – a chat with Jeremy Blain

5. 20 Ted Talks to help you think differently

4. How to create infographics in PowerPoint

3. A guide to managing your time

2. Top 10 L&D blogs to inform and inspire you

1. What’s next for L&D? – an interview with Donald Taylor

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