Posted On October 22, 2015

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You would think that – with people increasingly working longer hours and working remotely on mobile devices – we would find more time to learn at work. Yet the converse is true, as we work more, people have even less work-time to devote to their skill improvement and professional development.

The importance of workplace learning hasn’t diminished; we are just increasingly challenged to defer our day-to-day workload to learn.

MCI Solution’s Professional Development seminars seek to make learning more accessible for everyone. They are designed to ensure you can still get your work done and also improve your skills and performance.

Here’s 7 reasons why we think you’ll love them:

  1. Get the skills you need, now!

The way we design our Professional Development seminars combines our expertise in adult learning, performance improvement and knowledge management. It provides strong foundations for our public and custom learning programs. By focusing on increasing knowledge and skills and changing behaviour, our PD Seminars trigger insight, motivation and effect personal change in short, snappy sessions.

  1. Build skills cost-effectively

MCI Solutions’ new PD seminars are a cost-effective way to build your skills, at just $110 per hour of learning.

  1. Tiny but mighty powerful

Our seminars are short but mighty effective. Because they leverage MCI Solution’s 30 years’ experience in adult education and status as leaders in knowledge and productivity improvement, they are powerful experiences that provide valuable tools and techniques that you can use straight away to improve your performance.

  1. Polish the business skills you really need

Our PD Seminars focus on essential and topical skills for professionals in every industry. From thriving through change to writing better emails, holding productivity meetings to building your resilience, our seminars address essentials skills for you to succeed at work.

  1. Much more than models and theories

The MCI Solutions PD seminars focus on not only acquiring knowledge and skills, but also on their practical application at work. While models and theories provide important ideas and concepts, our seminars spend time exploring how they can be used at work. By planning how you will use them at work while in the seminar, the hard work’s done before you leave the session – leaving you to turn your action plan into reality.

  1. Improves your productivity, rather than reducing it

Training can be perceived as a drain on productivity. Like all MCI Solutions’ courses, our PD Seminars are focused, relevant, action-oriented learning experiences. Get back to work and immediately use what you learnt to improve your productivity and performance.

  1. You can afford to leave the office and actually do training

Many people feel they don’t have time to take a day or several days away from the office to build their skills – despite its value. Commit to your professional development with valuable short seminars that allow you to get some work done on the same day.

That’s why we think you should take advantage of MCI Solutions’ practical, topical Professional Development seminars.

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