Posted On May 15, 2017

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MCI has partnered with a state government agency to deliver the Certificate IV in Frontline Management to its supervisors and team leaders. Historically driven by agreed workforce learning plans, the 2013 program was different. With the planned closure of a number of facilities managed by the agency and redundancies accompanying the closures, the agency wanted to thank the 65 affected staff members, recognise their contribution and prepare them for their impending job search.

Driver For Change

The agency selected a number of vocational qualifications needed for their staff because they would provide tangible, recognisable proof of their skills and capabilities, increase the credibility of their resumes and improve their overall employability. Staff members completed qualifications relevant to their existing experience and career aspirations: Certificate IV in Frontline Management, Diploma of Management, and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Staff members were also offered the opportunity to complete a Computer Fundamentals course.

What We Did

As the agency’s long-time qualifications partner, MCI contextualised the qualifications to incorporate agency practices and to recognise existing competence in areas such as workplace health and safety (WHS). The inclusion of assessment workshops, in which staff members could seek advice and support from colleagues and the trainer/assessor, provided further support. Our trainers/assessors built good rapport with the groups, encouraging them to embrace the opportunity to gain a new qualification and to maintain their motivation as the program progressed, despite the challenging circumstances.

For four of the groups, government funding necessitated that they complete the training within a matter of months. The MCI trainer/assessor developed additional resources and tools to assist participants in completing their assessments, and provided additional support by phone and email outside of contact hours.

Business Impact

In challenging circumstances, participants have progressed through the qualifications enthusiastically and positively. Completion rates for all groups are above average, with some participants successfully obtaining their full qualification in less than four months. Graduation events are scheduled to acknowledge these achievements, showcase participants’ success and wish them well as they embark on the next step in their careers.

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