Posted On May 15, 2017

Within a financial institution, there is an extensive range of retail products, processes and policy information that staff are expected to retrieve quickly at the moment of truth: the customer query.

Feedback received by the Commonwealth Bank indicated that its existing system was not an effective support tool. The system often resulted in a poor user experience for staff and a poor customer service experience because information was hard to find and, once found, was often out of date.


The Bank sought to develop a product information system that would enable staff to easily and quickly access work instructions for products and their associated workflows. Its goals were to better manage customer expectations and facilitate a more confident sales environment.

What We Did

MCI was engaged to design an information management system that would ensure the Bank’s employees could quickly and accurately serve customers seeking retail banking products.

The project involved:

  • Conducting a detailed user analysis, including an information audit, product information user profiling and iterative usability testing
  • Designing and developing a Performance Support System prototype based on the findings of the analysis, which would reduce the time taken by users to find the right information
  • Conducting usability testing to confirm the intuitiveness, relevance and readability of the approach
  • Developing clear, reader-focused work instructions to enable end users to successfully fulfill their part in the workflow
  • Launching the system’s pilot Intranet site, incorporated feedback, and releasing the site to the business.

Business Impact

Ninety-nine per cent of participants surveyed during the pilot preferred the new system, and three months after its implementation only 3% of site users were using the search function (down from 97%)—significantly reducing the risk of human error when finding information.


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