Posted On May 15, 2017

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Driver For Change

An Australian healthcare provider had implemented Microsoft SharePoint as an information sharing and collaboration tool, but it was not satisfied with the results. Some members of its staff simply didn’t use the SharePoint workspace. Others had tried SharePoint and encountered barriers to locating information in a timely manner, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction. While publishers were trained in the use of SharePoint, they were left to create their own sites, without a corporate approach or strategy in place. There was little consistency in what was published, where it was published, how information was structured, how much detail was provided or what business purpose the sites should serve.

What We Delivered

We were engaged to conduct an information needs analysis for users within the organisation’s Healthcare division, specifically within the SharePoint environment. In analysing users’ information needs, we:

  • Identified and reviewed business requirements
  • Developed questions to uncover information needs
  • Interviewed 10 key stakeholders and eight end users
  • Conducted a card-sorting workshop with four end users
  • Interpreted responses to a short survey of 40 staff members
  • Reviewed the existing SharePoint workspace content and a cross-section of documents within it
  • Collated and reviewed site statistics and data
  • Reviewed the technology environment.

Business Impact

MCI prepared and presented a detailed report that captured the information gathered from stakeholders and end users, and made 16 recommendations in the four key opportunity areas of governance, information sharing, information retrieval and information quality. The healthcare provider was very satisfied with the analysis report, which enabled it to prepare a business case for implementing the report’s recommendations.

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