Posted On June 25, 2019

MCI Solutions (via APM Training) has been announced as the Gold Winner for the “Best Learning & Development Project – Induction/Onboarding” in the LearnX Live! Awards 2019. The awarded project was the Induction for Local Area Coordinators for the NDIS in Western Australia, see case study below:

Project Scope:

APM as one of Australia’s leading human services organisations was appointed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to deliver LAC services in various regions within WA.

The requirement was to induct over 170 LACs to service these regions so that people with a disability could access the NDIS.

This induction needed to be efficient, effective and ensure that the LACs were in a strong position to undertake the enormous task ahead of them.  Staff needed to be retained and motivated to fulfil all their obligations.

Project Challenges:

  • The role of a LAC has been revised in Australia in terms of the requirements of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and forms part of the NDIS rollout nationally. In WA, the LACs needed to be ready to deliver planning services to participants by 1 May 2019.
  • The training from the NDIA up until this point was evolving in to something more practical to ensure that the LACs were job ready and confident.
  • The LACs were dispersed through various regions in WA and as such needed a full blend of learning options so that they would be competent to undertake the wide range of responsibilities that form part of their role.

Alignment with Business Strategy:

APM’s vision is to deliver a range of services to people with a disability to enable better lives.  In order to help people find the right support, the APM strategy includes helping people with disability, NDIS participants as well as their families and carers to identify and access the support that they need.

Key Drivers:

APM is Australia’s first member of the Valuable 500 – a global campaign to unlick the value of people with disability across the world.  APM is taking the lead in ensuring that disability inclusion is our workplaces and communities is a vital part of placing disability on the business agenda.

The training of the LACs reinforces APM’s commitment to ensuring that everyone has a right to a job, respect and inclusion – and control over the things that matter to them.

Initial induction delivered via innovative methods:

1. Initial training of the LACs in Perth:

Use of the powerful LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to ensure full engagement with the group and to create a positive experience. The group discussed their roles within the disability sector and related this to the mission and vision of APM.

2. Engagement during the initial training of the LACs:

The LACs become involved through the use of dance as a way of connecting with the endless possibilities that could open up for people with a disability.

Click here to watch the video that sums up some of the key moments in the initial induction session

Two key initiatives were introduced to ensure that the learning was embedded:

  1. APM made use of an innovative learning platform called Mursion which makes use of virtual reality to enable the LACs to practice their planning conversations.

  • Mursion provides a virtual reality environment to master their skills and be prepared for holding conversations with the NDIS participants.
  • The platform makes use of a blend of artificial intelligence and live human interaction so that the LACs could rehearse their conversations before stepping in to their first conversation.
  • This form of experiential learning is scalable and provides an immersive experience for the LACs to practise their interpersonal skills in a safe environment.
  • The LACs receive feedback and coaching from their workplace trainers so that they continue to build best practice into their conversations with participants and their families or carers.
  1. Learning modules were converted in to digital learning assets on the Articulate RISE 360 authoring platform.

The platform us inherently responsive on different devices. The customised lessons are modular and form stackable learning blocks to create a strong learning pathway for the LACs. Video content is embedded in to the content as well as some quizzes to check understanding.


The project exceeded all expectations. Considering the tight time frames and the enormity of the project, ROI was achieved in terms of the impact of the training on the LAC team.

The inductees came from a wide range of different backgrounds such as having been carers of people with a disability or themselves having some form of disability. There were also inductees from a CALD background (Culturally and linguistically diverse) as well as Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders.

Outputs included:

  • 165 LACs from a vast range of regions across WA recruited and compliance onboarding completed.
  • Design of the major learning event over 5 days completed including the use of a full range of learning methodologies.
  • Delivery and facilitation of the learning event with a range of different subject experts and facilitators including the APM founder and CEO.
  • Development and deployment of further digital learning assets in order to embed the learning on an ongoing basis.
  • Development and deployment of the virtual reality conversation script and putting 165 LACs through the platform as well as providing individual feedback.


The feedback from management was incredibly positive, particularly given the high level of retention of the LAC team as well as the level of competence. Comments such as the following were received:

“The energy in the room was exceptional.  It was very encouraging to note that people were open in terms of sharing their personal stories and formed a strong bond with the LACs from other regions.  This sets up a great community of practice that will help people to continue to build their skills, ask questions and support other LACs when the going gets tough.”

At a conservative estimate the LAC team gained and retained skills in the following areas to a high level of approximately 93%.

“It was incredible that APM was open to using a range of learning methodologies and technology platforms to enhance the learning experience – and embed behaviours in to the work environment. This means that participants in the NDIS experience far better outcomes!”

Dr Denise Meyerson, Founder and Director of MCI

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