Posted On May 15, 2017

With such a large and geographically dispersed workforce, UGL needed an efficient solution for inducting new employees—one that also ensured the organisation’s corporate values and messaging remained intact.

Driver For Change

UGL’s existing method of instructor-led training supported by hard-copy documents and links to web resources was inefficient and costly. New starters with the organisation often had to wait weeks for a scheduled classroom session, sometimes involving flights to the training venue, and delivery of the corporate message was at risk of instructor interpretation.

UGL required the ability to track the learners’ progress through the modules and to verify that the learning met stringent compliance requirements.

What MCI Delivered

UGL identified eLearning as the most appropriate delivery method for its needs, and approached us to provide the required expertise.

We began working with the organisation to identify the content that needed to be taken from the existing material, and then to group it into logical modules such as a Background to the Organisation and Policies and Procedures.

As we created the storyboard and visual concept for the program, we focused on the “blue collar” learning profile of the audience. As a result, the course design was intentionally traditional in flavour to maximise content engagement and learning stickiness with this group.

Once the content was approved, we moved into production using our Sydney team of instructional designers, graphics designers, animators and developers.

The final design combined video, graphics and text with animations, learning checks to maximise retention, and assessment. Our Learning Management System (LMS) was implemented to host the course centrally, track learner progress and record the results of the assessment.

Business Outcome

UGL now has at its disposal a fast, cohesive online induction program that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at a time that suits the employee. Managers are able to track the progress of each learner in the LMS and capture all completion data for compliance requirements.

The project was so successful that UGL engaged us again to provide induction courses for its four individual business units.

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