Posted On February 22, 2019

The Business Challenge:

  • The team of a global retail brand was suffering from change fatigue due to restructuring in the business. The staff attrition rate was high at over 60%. Management was also new.  Sales were down in a very competitive environment.

The Solution:

  • Enter the ‘What the Duck™’ solution! The organisation decided to change things up and turn up the dial to generate a climate of engagement, motivation that would bring genuine smiles in to the workplace – and lead to higher sales.
  • Senior managers attended a 2 day ‘What the Duck™’ leader program to ensure that they became role models to the team members. They gained skills in using body language effectively and in using the many ‘What the Duck™’ activities at the start of shifts and at random, quieter moments in the store during the day.
  • The team had a resource kit to cater for 180 team members and became skilled in using the activities to build trust in the team, to ensure that they could think on their feet and be proactive. They also learnt some basic mindfulness techniques for times of stress and short energisers for when the mood was low.

The Results:

  • The difference was remarkable and immediately noticeable. On Day 1 of the roll-out, customer positive feedback increased dramatically by an incredible 86%! To quote the HR Manager, sales figures were “kicked out the ballpark” even though not all team leaders had yet been trained. Many more success stories started to emerge around retention of staff, overall improvement in team morale and spirit and an increase in team members putting their hands up to assume additional responsibilities.

As one example, a newly recruited team member had indicated that she was about to leave as she was not happy.  However, once she saw that her team leader had been trained and was displaying a new positive attitude, she decided to stay on.  By preventing re-recruitment and retaining just one staff member, the business saved over $6,000.

Some of the activities are being integrated in to the recruitment process at the interview stage and are also now part of onboarding so that the signals are sent that the team climate is positive and filled with serious play.

Truly an incredible result that is paying off many times over in measurable impact on both the teams and the business as a whole.  Our challenge is now to keep the momentum going.

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