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BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

Safety is a key component of successful, efficient and productive organisations.  There are business benefits such as reduced workers compensation premiums, proactive risk prevention and the maintenance of  compliant work environment.

This qualification sets you up for career success in a broad range of workplace safety roles across all industries and workplace contexts. 

Certificate IV

12 months

Flexible Delivery

This is a blended program that includes – face to face delivery as well as own study via the MCI ecampus + work-based learning activities.

Funding Available

Enquire for eligibility

nationally recognised training
Nationally Recognised Qualification

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Who is this qualification suitable for?

This qualification applies to individuals working in a work health and safety (WHS) role who provide a broad range of technical knowledge and skills, and have some limited responsibility for the output of others.

The Certificate IV in Workplace Safety is suitable if you are looking to further your career as a supervisor or for team members within a safety team or in other WHS-related roles.

The qualification gives you the skills manage risks effectively, apply relevant WHS laws, and contribute to WHS within the workplace in known or changing contexts with established parameters.

Learning Outcomes


Identify, interpret and apply WHS Legislation that aims to prevent injury and disease in the workplace

magnifying glass

Understand the obligations of employees and employers to maintaining a workplace that is both safe and compliant


Identify hazards, assess risks, suggest controls and monitor effectiveness


Interpret WHS policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment

Course units and outcomes

We have selected key subjects that focus on in demand skills for today’s workplace. Informed by our learning and development experts and our industry consultation, the skills learnt are relevant across all industries.

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Core units:

Elective units:

Learn more about:

  • How you assist with establishing and maintaining workplace compliance with work health and safety (WHS) laws. 
  • Know more about identifying applicable WHS laws, duties, rights and obligations.
  • Learn about the necessary actions you will take to ensure WHS compliance in the workplace.
  • Apply your skills in providing advice about the legislative duties, rights and obligations of individuals and parties prescribed in WHS laws and those of WHS regulators.

Learn more about:

  • How to contribute to implementing and maintaining work health and safety (WHS) consultation and participation as prescribed in legislation.
  • The skills you need to communicate relevant information and identify feedback opportunities.
  • What you can do to improve consultation and team participation.

Learn more about how to:

  • Communicate relevant information and improve consultation and participation.
  • Contribute to the development, implementation and evaluation of risk controls according to legislative and organisational requirements.
  • Work through WHS hazard identification and risk control processes defined in written workplace procedures.

Learn more about how to:

  • Contribute to implementing a plan for a work health and safety management system (WHSMS) that applies to your own role.
  • Contribute to the implementation of an organisation’s WHSMS as part of their work health and safety (WHS) responsibilities.

Learn more about how to:

  • Assist with actions and activities performed in response to workplace incidents according to work health and safety (WHS) legislative and organisational requirements.
  • Contribute to workplace incident responses by undertaking a varied range of activities following written procedures.

Learn more about how to:

  • Assist with managing the WHS implications of activities that facilitate an injured worker’s return to work.
  • Identify the roles, duties, rights and responsibilities for return to-work
  • Assist in preparing, implementing and evaluating their return to work.
  • Look at the WHS implications of return-to-work activities.
  • Work alongside others from within the organisation or external parties, including people in human resources, workers’ compensation, workplace rehabilitation.

Learn more about how to:

  • Manage the work health and safety (WHS) implications of using contractors.
  • Identify contractor duties and establish organisational WHS compliance requirements associated with those duties
  • Set up and communicate the requirements expected of contractors and monitor contractor compliance with WHS requirements
  • Implement required responses to identified non-compliance.

Learn more about how to:

  • Plan complex documents that are relevant for your workplace
  • Draft text and then prepare final text
  • Produce the final document to suit your audience

Gain the skills you need to present:

  • Prepare your presentation for a range of different audiences
  • Deliver in  professional way to convey your messages clearly
  • Review your presentation to ensure that you are conveying ideas that lead to audience understanding and buy-in


More than ever, organisations are called on to demonstrate that they have innovative solutions to business challenges.

Learn more about how to:

  • Participate as an effective and productive member of an innovative team
  • Play a proactive role in demonstrating, encouraging and supporting innovation in a team environment

Funding options - NSW Smart & Skilled

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Smart and Skilled is a reform of the NSW Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. It’s helping people in NSW get the skills they need to find a job and advance their careers. Smart and Skilled provides eligible students with: an entitlement to government-subsidised training up to and including Certificate III and government funding for higher-level courses (Certificate IV and above) in targeted priority areas. Management Consultancy International (MCI Solutions) is an approved provider of NSW Smart and Skilled subsidised courses across most regions of NSW, including the greater Sydney Metro region.

“We have been working with MCI for the past 4 years. Our participants commented that MCI’s facilitators were incredibly enthusiastic and engaging, whilst providing some very useful insights and tools to assist in holding coaching conversations. MCI’s professional development days are a unique community give back, Denise herself condenses a myriad of information from the conferences she attends into meaningful, impactful information that keeps participants up to date with the latest trends.”
Kylie Perrin - HR Manager - Fujifilm
“MCI has assisted Teachers Health Fund in meeting our formal education development goals for our pipeline of future men and women leaders. As a not-for-profit, getting high value for each learning and development dollar we spend is a priority. The support extended to our organisation from MCI from start to finish is a real credit to them.”
Leanne Jensen-Smith - People & Culture Manager - Teachers Health Hub


Let us answer your questions.
Contact us to learn more.

Right now, all courses are supported online. Our other short courses and qualifications also have face to face training elements.

– Face-to-face – clients offices/third party locations that suit the size and needs of the group
– Face to face – MCI’s incredible facilities in the Sydney CBD – Level 4, 23 Hunter Street
– Online – via our engaging eCampus that enables participants to learn in their own time and enter a world of current and business focused content.
– Combination of the above as required so that our learners experience a blended approach to improve their performance by gaining new skills and knowledge.

Yes – Our specialist instructional design team is made up of experienced and creative writers and designers so that learners benefit from an engaging and highly interactive program. We listen to what your needs are and how they relate to the overall vision of the business and we ensure that we select the right platform and content to meet these requirements. We ensure that you notice the difference pre- and post-training to generate the organisational changes you need to lift performance to the next level.

Our team of trainers are well known in the industry for their deep knowledge, engaging presence and ability to take their group on their learning journey using a toolkit of activities, games and discussions.

Please enquire for course and training prices. Our public schedule price list offers a variety of courses at a standard price, delivered at our Sydney CBD training venue – Level 4, 23 Hunter Street.

Our bespoke solutions vary depending on your requirements, number of participants and the complexity of the program. Allow us to do a detailed analysis as you brief us on the scope of the project.

Yes, we help you determine who should be trained and whether a nationally recognised certificate or a non-accredited executive skills would be a suitable choice. We can also measure changes in performance via one of the embedding apps that your participants could have access to post-training. Learning is all about measuring change – simply choose which measurement mechanism is appropriate for your needs.

We provide you with the option of our public schedule program in Sydney for certain popular courses. Alternatively, provide some small group coaching for your team so that they receive more individualised attention from our coaches and trainers. Enquire with us and we will help you find the right solution.

  • We offer funding across NSW for full qualifications from Certificate III to Diploma level qualifications
  • We also offer our corporate clients Skill Sets (up to half the qualification) for dedicated classes on client site across NSW
  • Exemptions are available, depending on eligibility.
  • Concessions are available, depending on eligibility (and only for Certificate III and IV courses)

Are you?

1) 15 years old or over?
2) No longer at school?
3) Living or working in NSW?
4) An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to all four questions, then you’re eligible to enrol in a government-subsidised course with MCI as we are an approved Smart and Skilled training provider.

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