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An innovative approach to nationally recognised qualifications

Let us re-imagine your learning strategy with you so that you include vocational qualifications to develop the leadership pipeline and enhance employee engagement.

Certificate III

Building on the skills needed in customer service positions, this certificate provides you with the skills and knowledge to deliver the highest level of service and enhance your product knowledge. With tools and strategies required to deal with client complaints and how to work well within teams, you will have an added edge to manage your work effectively and efficiently.

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Certificate IV

This is Australia’s leading qualification for office administration, personal assistants and project assistant roles.  This highly valued qualification gives you the leading edge you need for stepping up in your career to take on more responsibilities.

MCI Solutions is well known for our experienced facilitators who have deep expertise in business administrative roles and you are able to guide you as you acquire additional skills.

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Gain the right understanding and tools you need in Business Sales.  Learn how to convert customers and meet KPIs – and soar past your target numbers in no time! Refine your skills and learn new techniques to negotiateyour way around objections and overcome obstacles. The knowledge you gain about client relationships, sales prospecting, planning strategies and team dynamics will help you communicate efficiently in order to be highly successful in your role.

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The Certificate IV in Customer Engagement provides you with the skills you need to be effective in your role as you lead your team towards attaining their goals.  The best teams are a delicate balance of strong personalities and hidden talents. It takes understanding, empathy and perception to know how to bring out the best in each individual to get projects finished.

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This qualification is one of Australia’s most sought-after leadership qualifications.  This is your opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge that you need to set direction, be proactive and build your team so that it functions at a high level.

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This is your opportunity to combine your use of project management tools with proven techniques to become an important asset to any team. After completing this course, you will develop a deeper appreciation of the project life cycle so that you are able interpret the steps your team needs to take to get work done in an efficient and productive way.

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Leaders never stop learning!  In this qualification program you learn how to make your work more meaningful and promote innovation within the workplace. We provide you with the tools necessary to plan project timelines and enhance customers’ experiences.

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MCI Solutions’ Diploma of Training Design and Development is created for experienced trainers who are looking to develop advanced skills in designing learning programs, delivering training and conducting assessment.  It covers the full learning cycle and is your gateway to exciting possibilities for career progression.

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This highly respected qualification is your step forward in this key business function. Gain theoretical knowledge to lead colleagues and complete important goals with ease. This diploma reinforces management skills for those who have been placed in key roles. If you are responsible for outcomes and team performance, it is important to learn how to navigate and assess the risks and costs involved in any project.

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Advanced Diploma

The efficiency of education is that you can learn from the failures, success and stamina of others. By reviewing success stories from other key players in industry, you will uncover new ways to motivate teams, manage finances and develop strategic plans.

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Why MCI Solutions?

MCI Solutions (91088) has been an RTO since 2004 and has a wide range of business qualifications on scope.  We provide our clients with recommendations to ensure that teams develop skills that improve performance and productivity.  Our experience in delivering part or full qualifications creates a win-win solution for the learner and the organisations: learners appreciate adding a nationally recognised qualification to their CV.  The organisation benefits as knowledge and higher levels of skills application boost confidence and motivation.

Other advantages to your organisation of implementing vocational qualifications:

  • Organisations who see an urgent need to grow individual and team capability benefit from increased employee engagement and retention. MCI reports annually indicate strong correlation between training and levels of staff attrition.
  • By providing opportunities for staff to gain skills, organisations avoid skill shortages that are barriers to executing on business and growth strategy.
  • Nationally recognised qualifications are implemented as part of a robust learning culture that encourages on-going personal growth and the development of a resilient outlook to deal effectively with change.

MCI Solutions is your learning partner in implementing nationally recognised qualifications for your organisation:

  • We consult with leadership teams to design a strategy that meets your specific requirements in terms of business growth.
  • We conduct a training needs analysis for your team to identify learning pathways.
  • We assist in tapping in to government funding where possible and establish traineeships if appropriate.
  • We create metrics to measure impact on your business goals.
  • We set up an implementation plan so that qualifications are delivered in modes that suit your needs – MCI provides you with delivery options including on-line, face to face group or individual sessions and virtual classroom and webinar.

What else does MCI Solutions do for you?

  • We are able to place contract qualified trainers and assessors to meet your particular requirements.
  • We develop assessment tools and perform validation services for enterprise RTOs.
  • We are an outsourced RTO so that you are able to deliver the training component and leave the assessments to us.
  • We provide you with recognition of prior learning for your team so that they gain formal recognition for the skills they already have.
  • Our articulation pathways provide all employees and managers with access to a range of Universities where they are able to continue their studies.
“We have been working with MCI for the past 4 years. Our participants commented that MCI’s facilitators were incredibly enthusiastic and engaging, whilst providing some very useful insights and tools to assist in holding coaching conversations. MCI’s professional development days are a unique community give back, Denise herself condenses a myriad of information from the conferences she attends into meaningful, impactful information that keeps participants up to date with the latest trends.”
Kylie Perrin - HR Manager - Fujifilm
“MCI has assisted Teachers Health Fund in meeting our formal education development goals for our pipeline of future men and women leaders. As a not-for-profit, getting high value for each learning and development dollar we spend is a priority. The support extended to our organisation from MCI from start to finish is a real credit to them.”
Leanne Jensen-Smith - People & Culture Manager - Teachers Health Hub
“MCI design and deliver a range of leadership workshops for our emerging leaders group each year. MCI’s content is always evolving, well designed to maximise learning and engagement and the facilitators are first class providing contextually relevant and engaging workshops for our teams. I would highly recommend MCI as a learning partner.”
Ben Lancken - Learning & Organisational Development Manager – TFE Hotels

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