Certificate IV Training and Assessment...the last days.

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The end of an era


MCI Solutions has been delivering the Cert IV, as it is fondly termed, since the year dot and since it transformed from the BSZ to the TAA into the TAE.  Like a good old friend, we are sad to see it go and hope that it will be replaced on our scope by the TAE16 next year.


Our last 2 training sessions EVER in Sydney

for the current TAE 40110:


6 – 9 February 2017  & 20 – 23 February 201 7

TAE ship is sailing


This is a last chance to experience the one of the top TAE programs in Australia!  And to give you some additional value-add to boost your toolkit as a facilitator, we are including:

- Copies of both of Denise Meyerson’s books, Better Best Brilliant and Strategic Play.  Find a whole treasure trove of interactive and engaging games and activities to ensure that your sessions really rock.

- A small facilitator tool bag to add some colour and ‘va-voom’ to your sessions so that your participants get the most out of your programs.

When you do a Cert IV TAE with MCI Solutions not only do you experience some great training that goes beyond what is required by the training package, you also:

- Have access to our eCampus that is filled with additional theory and articles to add to your knowledge base.

- Have the opportunity to complete an electronic version of your portfolio to make it really easy for you to compile all your required evidence.

- Enjoy access to our supportive training and assessment team who are available to answer questions and to assist you so that you complete your qualification – and are the proud holders of a highly regarded qualification.

- Set up a strong network of colleagues who you can count on to buddy up with you as you progress through the program.

After all, we are an award winning training provider with good reason!

Our sessions are structured to cover all aspects of the training cycle so that you have the confidence to step into any part of the training design, delivery and assessment process.  MCI Solutions meets the learning requirements of many of Australia’s top organisations and we are ready to share our ‘trade secrets’ with you.

For more details on the 8 day Certificate IV

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