Our approach

Our holistic approach to training

At MCI we consult totally with our clients from beginning to the end of the experience for the learner. We spend the time to get to know you, our client, on a deep level to discover your core learning needs. Our aim is to provide support for L&D and HR professionals to discover the core reasons for training, therefore allowing us to recommend an appropriate training solution.

How we structure our training

Customised Content

We are focused on behavioural change, targeting the right needs is important for creating long-term impacts on the business. We customise the program content – We have an overarching approach to the different topic areas and adjust the contents of the program to meet the needs of the client.

Practical Content

We aim to be as practical as possible when designing the training program; we provide participants with the tools, the knowledge and the skills in which they can apply what they have learnt with us back in the workforce. In the programs we can build in client specific documentation. For example if there are particular process or procedure documents we add that into the program, this helps to make the training as relevant and relatable as possible to business that is undergoing training.

In the training room

We are fully focused on engaging participants and making the training fun. There is no point in conducting boring training – the information taught, then has no hope of sticking with the participants. The training is activity based – no longer sitting at the table listening to people, the participants will be up and doing the majority of the work by participating. Our trainers are facilitators, we are there to facilitate the learning of the people in the room, we want them to recognise that they already have a lot of the knowledge inside them.

After the training

Our relationship with you doesn’t end when the training is completed; we evaluate the learning after the training. For a period of up to 12 months post the training – we give you feedback from the participants and from their managers so you the clients can see how that learning has transpired out into the workforce. Have you seen behavioural change? Have you seen an improvement in results?