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Engaged and productive employees and improved compliance. Find out what effective digital onboarding will mean for you.

Get new hires productive faster and keep them for longer. The return on your investment in MCI Solutions' digital induction and onboarding, powered by ACTO, will be greater and faster than any other training investment you will make.

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“Highly engaged employees achieve two times the net annual income of organisations whose employees lag behind in engagement” Adecco Labour Report 2016

The impact of disengagement can be found in profitability numbers, ability for the company to innovate as well as the safety and cost of large staff turnover numbers.

MCI Solutions offers you a structured approach to onboarding using micro-learning principles designed to engage early, delivered anywhere and at any time to new employees.

Our digital onboarding platform utilises self-paced learning and can be delivered right onto your new employee's mobile device.

Your new hires can be engaged even before they start work.

MCI Solutions' digital induction and onboarding mobile apps can be branded to your company and totally automate the delivery of your onboarding training. Induction can commence before the employee starts work.

The MCI Solution's onboarding package enables you to: Deliver multi-media training including video, audio, documents in micro-learning bites, action-based learning, manage access to ensure that the right people have access to training at the right time, provide employees with constant access to knowledge, policies and procedures and be immediately productive in their first few weeks in their new role.

To replace and hire new staff it costs 90-200% of their salary, half of all senior new hires fail within 18 months, half of all hourly workers leave new jobs within the first 120 days.



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