Posted On October 6, 2016

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Did you know that October is National Safe Work Australia month? In Australia every year, more than 260 Australians die as a result of work related injuries and over 135,000 are seriously injured. So there’s a serious need to focus attention on workplace safety.

Even if you’re not in a high-risk industry, creating a safe work environment is a legal requirement. As well as minimising injury and illness in the workplace, it maximises employee productivity and helps you retain staff.

Your internal documentation plays an important role in ensuring that your organisation is compliant, but often documentation:

  • is poorly organised and confusingly written
  • is inaccurate and out of date
  • contains errors or information that leads to misunderstandings
  • has critical information, such as safety advice and warnings, buried deep in documentation where they are overlooked.

How MCI Solutions’ structured writing can help

MCI Solutions’ structured writing methodology enables organisations to create effective, usable and logical written information. It’s based on research into how readers’ brains retrieve and process information.

By applying a structured writing approach to your workplace documentation:

  • Staff can quickly locate relevant procedures and safety advice
  • Procedures are easy for staff to understand and follow safely and efficiently
  • Error rates drop
  • Documents are easy to update and maintain, so that staff carry out tasks in the correct, current way, and best practices can be easily implemented.

What we offer

MCI Solutions offers a range of courses to give employees the skills they need to apply structured writing to develop clear, user-focused and accessible documentation.

Alternatively, our experienced consultants can support you to:

  • Plan, organise and structure your content
  • Design models, templates and standards for your documents
  • Develop, write and edit your content
  • Provide coaching to your staff.

If you’d like to know more or to see a demonstration of MCI Solutions’ structured writing approach, please call us on 1300 768 550 or email

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