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Do you need new Word or PowerPoint templates in a hurry?

Have your Excel macros stopped working and you don’t know why?

Does your hefty Access database need an overhaul?

Are you struggling with SharePoint?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Microsoft Office consulting services are the answer.

We’re experts in helping people use technology

We know a thing or two about helping people get the best out of their workplace tools. Our experienced Microsoft consultants live and breathe applications like Office and SharePoint every day.

When you need the right support for Microsoft applications, including upgrades and system changes, come to us. We’ll ensure the work is delivered smoothly and painlessly so your team becomes more productive and your organisation saves time and money.

Coaching solutions for common problems

Like most people, you probably learned to use Microsoft programs on the job. As a result, you may be using the wrong tool for the task, such as making org charts in PowerPoint or creating large databases in Excel.

Whatever your challenge, we’ll show you the way forward. Anyone from the executive team through to support staff will benefit from coaching to help improve the way they use Microsoft applications.

Our Microsoft Office consulting services

Our Office specialists can help you solve those annoying user issues and have you working faster and more confidently with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Visio and Outlook.
We can:
•    design, develop, test and fix templates and macros
•    develop Excel dashboards and customised reports
•    create, improve or fix Access databases
•    coach your team executives, PA/EAs or ‘power users’.

Our Microsoft SharePoint consulting services

SharePoint can seem complex at first, so we provide specialists who can:
•    design and develop your team sites
•    customise sites and pages
•    develop customised workflows.

Microsoft Office upgrades (and other systems change projects)

Our experienced Office specialists can:
•    help you with systems change and project management
•    deliver end-user training
•    develop instructional documentation, user guides, training materials, just-in-time support tools, systems simulations and job aids
•    carry out a training needs analysis.

That’s just a taste of our Microsoft Office consulting services. For more detailed information based on your specific needs, please complete the enquiry form below and one of our learning advisors will be in contact.