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Want to test your skills in a Microsoft Office application?

If you are unsure about which level to attend, take our interactive quizzes now :

Don’t have time to attend face to face training?

Try our MCI Live – Virtual Classroom courses!  If you only need to learn how a VLOOKUP formula works in Excel or how to animate bullet points in PowerPoint, why spend a whole day away from the office?

Each session is 90 minutes in duration and the sessions are facilitator-led making them highly interactive to encourage questions and discussion. This is a key difference to self-paced online course libraries because it enables the group to address individual questions and any challenges the learners may be facing. This is all done in real time.

Check out what our students have to say:

Customised Excel Course

"The step by step explanations and context behind them. Why we do it one way and not the other. All the short cuts were very helpful. Very good class for learning shortcuts."

Excel Intermediate

"A good refresher for me with some short cuts I'd never used before. Pivot tables - SUMIF. Very good instructor who went at a good pace and explained everything in way I could simply understand."

Excel VBA Introduction

"Good scope, well structured over 2 days for intro course to VBA. Small class sizes provides for better discussions."
British American Tobacco

Excel Advanced

"I found the course useful to pick up on functions and formulas I do not know, and whether I can apply them to my current job. The course is very useful to upgrade your current Excel level."
The Walt Disney Company

Excel Introduction

"This introduction course has been quite helpful in providing me with short cuts in Excel.There are many useful features that I can definitely put towards my work in the future. Definitely a useful course to learn the basics of Excel."

Project Introduction

"What I personally found most helpful was the exercises and interaction with the facilitator. Very valuable, look forward to doing the advanced course."

PowerPoint Intermediate

"It was excellent, I learnt a lot. The personal on the spot answering of questions was fantastic. I felt very comfortable asking for hep whenever I needed it. Thank you!"
Design Arena

Word Advanced

"What I personally found most helpful was learning about various shortcuts and macros. This course was helpful and I will be able to apply this into my work environment."
Colliers International

Virtual Class: Excel - Creating and Using Simple Formulas

"The interactive learning was most helpful; to be able to watch the facilitator perform the work and do it simultaneously along with him was very helpful."

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