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We can maximise the value of Office 365, no matter what stage of your journey you are at...

Vision Stage

The most often overlooked stage is the most important.

It is critical to establish the productivity vision for Office 365 and prepare everyone for the paradigm shift required to achieve this. Some key activities include:

  • Identify and engage key stakeholders and key user profiles/groups
  • Identify and prioritise business scenarios across the Office 365 suite, focusing on productivity gains anticipated from the new features, applications and services
  • Define and document your Office 365 vision that aligns technology objectives with business goals
  • Develop a change management approach encompassing communications, training and ongoing support
  • Identify training needs and map interventions for each stage of the journey

Onboarding Stage

Deploy and lead the change.

As the new Office suite is rolled out, it is critical that end users feel properly informed, aware and trained so that they can hit the ground running with confidence and anticipation. Some key activities include:

  • Awareness sessions that allow end users to see the practical changes and opportunities, at a high level, that the new way of working offers
  • Hands on training for ‘power users’ and early adopters that will later provide peer support and champion the change
  • Technical training for the IT and support teams to assist end users
  • Rolling out an ‘early adopters’ program to gain insights and inform the wider roll out
  • Document best practices, processes and procedures
  • Deliver targeted training programs for the specific applications most needed
  • Provide just-in-time training (floor walking or ‘Roving’ assistance) and support materials such as quick reference guides and cheat sheets

Ongoing Support

Continuous improvement is continuous learning.

While adoption is the initial goal, continued engagement is critical in order to sustain productivity improvements and realise the full value of Office 365. Some key activities include:

  • Conduct post-implementation review workshops
  • Modify training programs or develop new ones as work methods change and adapt
  • Identify skills gaps that exist
  • Embedding best practices
  • Provide just-in-time training (floor walking or ‘Roving’ assistance) and support materials such as quick reference guides and cheat sheets
  • Share success stories
  • Iterate and improve

Microsoft Office 365 represents a paradigm shift in Learning and Development, and changes forever the way employees work together.

More than simply email and online documents, Office 365 is a true, and powerful, productivity tool that also includes instant messaging, shared calendars, web conferencing, internal teams and more – all of it accessible anywhere, from nearly any device.

Just need training? We’re the Office 365 learning experts.

We have ready-to-run Microsoft Office 365 training courses to introduce new or existing users to the entire Office 365 suite of applications including Teams, Sway, Yammer, Planner, Flow, Forms, OneNote, Skype for Business, OneDrive and SharePoint – or we can customise a training solution that fits the Office 365 application, or mix of applications, that you’re rolling out today.

Just click the button below and have a look at some course outlines:

MS Teams Introduction

This course will introduce you to Microsoft Teams, a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. The service integrates with the Office 365 subscription office productivity suite, including Microsoft Office and Skype. You will learn how to use MS Teams to share ideas and information and collaborate and communicate with work colleagues.

Office 365 for Business

This course will introduce you to Office 365 for Business and cloud computing. You will learn how to use the Office 365 apps and services to work on your files from anywhere and collaborate with co-workers using Office Online, OneDrive, Outlook and Calendar, SharePoint Online and Teams.

Virtual Class – Collaborating – Office 365: Getting Started (S2/3)

Get started with the core Office 365 applications and services. The session will focus on using Office 365 in the cloud, on the desktop and on mobile devices with an emphasis on how to get up and running with the core office applications.

Virtual Class – Meetings and Collaboration with Microsoft Office 365 Teams

Learn how to use Teams with Office 365 to create customisable, chat-based team workspaces for information, file sharing and collaboration on team projects and events.

Virtual Class – Office 365: OneDrive

Learn how to use OneDrive for Office 365 to share files with colleagues, upload and sync files to the cloud and work on your files from any location.

Virtual Class – Office 365: OneNote

Learn how to use OneNote with Office 365 to create digital notebooks for capturing, organising and sharing information including meeting minutes, workshop notes and other important reminders.

Virtual Class – Office 365: Planner

Learn how to use Planner with Office 365 to establish and manage small projects, share files and assign and track group tasks.

Virtual Class – Office 365: Sway

Learn how to use Sway with Office 365 to create and share engaging, interactive online presentations, reports and stories.

Virtual Class – Office 365: Yammer

Learn how to use Yammer with Office 365 as a private microblogging and collaboration platform for enterprise social networking.

Trust the process...

Unlike previous Microsoft Office Suite releases that usually required only skills-based training with each upgrade, Microsoft’s constant stream of Office 365 enhancements means that changes to how workers create, communicate and collaborate will be never-ending – leading to dozens of new scenarios that must be considered to maintain and improve productivity.

classroom with computer on desks

Why MCI Solutions?

Here are just some of the reasons why MCI Solutions is Australia’s leader in learning and change solutions:

  • MCI Solution brings more than three decades of experience in Microsoft desktop applications and training
  • You benefit from our wide portfolio of learning delivery solutions – face-to-face, online on-demand, virtual classroom and webinars
  • Our experienced and certified Office 365 instructors and consultants talk in layman terms
  • We understand the needs of your users and your business – and have demonstrable success in using Office 365 to meet those needs
  • MCI Solutions’s end-user adoption specialists are renowned for going above and beyond to make certain your teams use Microsoft’s newest technologies effectively, today and into the future.


“They helped us design and deliver Office 365 training for our staff at multiple locations across Australia during our recent Office 365 roll-out. They were very flexible and great to work with and the trainer was professional, extremely knowledgeable in Microsoft technologies and very engaging. As a result our training delivery was a great success with a high rate of satisfaction being recorded in our training feedback.”
Ben Transfield
IT Training Specialist

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