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By Dr. Denise Meyerson, Founder and Managing Director of MCI,  and AITD 2015 L&D Professional of the Year

I have spent a considerable amount of time this past week developing our Diploma of Training Design and Development TAE50216 as a blended program.  Besides the fun the whole academic team had creating the course, I came to the conclusion that the Diploma is a far better option for experienced trainers and assessors than the new TAE16.

I am talking here about trainers who have some experience – novices new to the industry will need to start at Cert IV level.  For all the heartache, hard work, late nights and total commitment you need to put into compiling this level of evidence, you might as well step it up a notch and complete the Diploma.

Why do I say this?

1 - The new TAE16 has an extensive set of requirements and I reckon that time-wise, you are looking at approximately the same amount of hours in terms of evidence collection.  Provided you facilitate and have your 100 hours of facilitation experience and evidence under your belt, the time to document and collate evidence is full-on for both qualifications.  So, for the same effort, I would rather stand out from the crowd and hold the higher level qualification.

2 - One of the Cert IV TAE16 units is drawn from the Diploma in any event – so you are already a fraction of the way there: TAEASS502, Design and develop assessment tools, is included in both qualifications. The LLN unit, TAELLN501, Support the development of adult language literacy and numeracy skills, is a fairly easy step-up from the cert IV level of LLN.  This gives you have a good head-start simply by completing these units.  There is nothing like that feeling of progress to motivate you to complete the balance of the units.

3 - The Cert IV has always been the industry benchmark and where the majority of trainers sit as standard practice.  It is of enormous value to demonstrate that you were prepared to go that extra half mile and complete the Diploma.  From a perception point of view, the Diploma looks great on a CV and is a valuable addition to your profile.  Like it or not, perceptions do make a very big difference.

4 - I love the advanced facilitation skills unit!  TAEDEL502 Provide advanced facilitation practice is really what training delivery is all about and pushes us to try out new techniques.  It encourages us to get out of the rut of the old ways of doing things.  This is a genuine opportunity to explore what learning strategies you can adopt and try out that you might not have experimented with previously.

  5 - For trainers and assessors who hold the current Cert IV TAE10 and who need to demonstrate professional development, what better way than stepping up into the Diploma level.  Immediately you meet currency requirements and demonstrate that you are developing both industry expertise and vocational competence – a great way of killing many of those poor birds with the one stone.

6 - If you complete part of the Diploma in a group, the networking is going to be really positive.  You will be in a cohort of peers and colleagues who are on your level and who will be part of your learning journey.  You will probably learn more from their experiences and insights than from the facilitator!  And when you are with like-minded professionals who are at your level of experience, there are great opportunities to buddy up for portfolio work.

Obviously,  if you train the Cert IV and intend training the current version or the TAE16 next year, you will need to hold the Diploma as per ASQA requirements.  So, there is no time like the present to get that requirement ticked off the list and maintain a compliant trainer and assessor matrix.


The MCI Solutions Diploma in Training, Design and Development TAE50216 is a blended program that gives you additional tools over and above what is required by the units of competence.  What’s more, you receive copies of my books, Better Best Brilliant and Strategic Play as well as a small toolkit of resources to ensure that your training really rocks.  We role model a whole range of amazing activities for you that you can integrate into your own training delivery.  

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