What our APP does that your onboarding system doesn’t.

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Sales Enablement, Customer Onboarding, QA & Compliance, Employee Onboarding, Leadership Training, Channel Training, Workshop Reinforcement, Operations Enablement

"70% of your employees' learning happens informally by practicing and facing challenges on the job. Which means your LMS needs to be much more than a glorified data dump." ACTO

At MCI Solutions our onboarding and training app is fully cross-platform . It is natively built for mobile and accessible for web browsers too. Your employees can learn any time, anywhere, on demand.

Measure the effectiveness of your training and its impact on your employees with an easy-to-read analytics dashboard and be on the pulse of learning in your business.

You can also use sentiment analysis to see how your employees feel about what they are learning! It’s just up to you to continue improving the program.

happy employees

Our authoring tool makes creation extremely fast and easy and it will change the way you structure your content for the better. Bring your content to life by embedding:

Checklists, Videos, Image guides, Dynamic Quizzes, Feedback, Attachments

And we even have notifications so you can communicate with your employees throughout the entire learning journey.

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